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Orthos or Drawings of the GCR 12AM class


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Hello there!

My Name is Jonathan.S .

I recently had the idea to Start building some 00 gauge models for my fictional little layout i'm currently building. I made some stuff for 00 gauge before so my project should'nt be a big Problem for me.

Now, the Locomotive i would like to build is the GCR 12AM Class. It's my favourite steam lovomotive, thats why i chose it to build. So, as i said i want to build it, but there is still one little Problem: I dont have any orthos or drawings for it. I already searched in Google, asked the GCR society, asked in many discord Servers ect. But no one got any good front & side view of it. So a friend gave the idea to ask here here in RMweb.

So if you got any good Front and side view orthos or drawings then please let me know. 


Best regards

Jonathan. S

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E8. Sacre 2-4-0 Tank I assume.




ISTR Railway Modeller or one of the other magazines of the time did drawings for them, but it was a very long time ago and they are probably a bit basic. 1960s?


I'll have a look as I've got a list of old drawings somewhere in a MRC Booklet. I wouldn't be able to copy them, but the magazines from the time are readily available.




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If that's got the drawings in it then it's probably the one I remember. I've definitely seen one.



I can't find it listed in the Model Railway Constructor: Model Drawings list, which has a list of all the drawings from Railway Modeller, MRC and Model Railway News listed (only a handful of actual drawings though). But does have a few omissions and mistakes.






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14 minutes ago, Steamport Southport said:


If that's got the drawings in it then it's probably the one I remember. I've definitely seen one.


Frustratingly, no drawing, just a description of how he got the info to produce one!


Like you, I could swear I’ve seen a drawing, and I think it included the 12 wheel push-pull coach too, but where …….


Anyway, here is my favourite photo of one, about to depart for Qauinton Road and Verney Junction I think http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/a/aylesbury/index3.shtml

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Like others I think I remember seeing a drawing of a MSLR (later GCR) Class 12AT (or 12AM) 2-4-0T - either in a 1960s "Model Railway News" or its successor "Model Railways", possibly by Tom Lindsay?


The other diagram, probably with the GCR auto-coach, might be in the series of articles by W Hardin Osborne that the Railway Modeller ran for many years ??


I suspect the "O" gauge model that Nearholmer recalls seeing was for Paul Bambrick's "Whitchurch Road" layout - see https://bambrickstudio.co.uk/whitchurch-road-2/ . You could ask him if he remembers the drawing source.



Chris H

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I've been working on one for a while in 7mm.


12AT.JPG.ceb9e592e8716e2e3843ccb07cf0953a.JPGAll the castings are done, as are most of the etches. The hold up [such as it is] revolves around getting suitable external crank wheels from Slaters.

There is some correspondence regarding the design et al on the 7mm Finescale Society website as it is very much a project requested by fellow members of that society.



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