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Beatiful video of LSWR "563"

phil gollin

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I have had a life long love of LSWR locomotives and consider the T3’s to be the most elegant machines ever produced. Regardless of the politics associated with the transfer of 563 to Swanage, it is a delight to see it up and running in revenue earning service. So, the question is, will any of the manufacturers deem it a viable candidate for production in OO gauge?

The viability has been established with the delightful SECR examples, and the Brighton Atlantics. We can but dream.

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This morning I watched an excellent video on YouTube presented by Tim Dunn (he of the secrets of the London Underground series) and apparently sponsored by the Steam Railway Magazine. It features views from the footplate of 563 on a trip from Swanage to Norden. Highly recommended as it also covers some technical issues (such as how to arrange the fire, as no one alive has any previous experience of this specific class) and a glimpse of Drummond’s Bug in an adjacent garden. Being new to the forum I have not mastered attaching links but suggest searching by ‘Tim Dunn 563’.


Further to my earlier comment, regarding a possible RTR version of the T3, I see there were some suggestions for this in the Products section of this forum concerning an announcement by Bachman on Wednesday. I do not do wish-listing so have not added to the ‘froth’ there but thought it might promote reasoned discussion here.

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