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Another break-in. And an Arrest!


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To be honest, the guy is lucky to still be in one piece.


those who know the layout of my place know that there is a metal staircase up to the mezzanine at the back of the showroom.


In one of his escape attempts, he had tried to rip away the roof to get through a sealed corrugated skylight.


In this attempt, he had climbed on the metal bannister, which he had bent and weakened at the joints under the weight and added pressures caused by his attack on the roof.


If this had given way, or he had slipped off the 2" wide aluminium, he would have fallen 10' onto the metal steps below. broken legs at least - and without the opportunity to present himself at the door, the dog would have given him a shake too.


Also, the alarm engineer said he was very lucky as when he attacked the alarm, he exposed the wires to the mains transformer. He (the intruder) was very close to being fried!


and when the shelving fell over in the stock room, he must have fallen backwards onto the main shelves. They ae strong, but he is lucky not to have had a few hundred kilos of Bachmann locos and carriages collapse on him.


well, at least he's been put away for a while. and he'll find the internal security arrangements different once more should he attempt another entry.


Our alarm engineer has a legal solution that would practically make your ears bleed :D



Good grief! Sounds like he bounced around your store like a ball in a 'pin ball' machine. Thankfully for you it sounds like your precautions matched with an inept burglar meant that this wasn't as bad as it could have been.


Does your insurance cover the broken and damaged models - would they be any good for sale as spares / repairs / scratch aids on the RMweb sales page?

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......A conviction is certain, and the police hope this will be enough to send him down - Lets wait and see........

Like I said, this was last November. He's probably out of prison now.

Caught red-handed and probably out already!!!!!

After only 9 months?

That's appalling !




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Ideal candidate for a prison that they have out west in Arizona or New Mexico where they live in tents wear pink underwear and pink uniforms and have to eat what they grow, repeat offender numbers have reduced. Oh and sorry to hear of the mess caused no doubt insured but as usual its the inconveniance.



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Nothing in the forum rules about it. If it's a modelling thread and there's additional or follow up info to add then no problem at all (and in some ways welcome as it keeps all relevant info in a single place).


In this particular case however, just a bit of an odd thing to do given that the event concerned was 2 years ago and the last reply was 16 months ago... :)


No harm done anyhow.

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