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Ian Morton's Errors and Updates


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As anyone who has ever written anything longer than a note for the milkman will know, errors creep in to any written work.


When you are putting a book together they creep in, and sometimes creep back in once they have been corrected. Even worse, as soon as the book goes to print someone turns up new information.


So, I have started a page on my website to record the new information (and balls-ups) that come to light in my scribblings.


You can find it here.


And if you find anything that I ought to know about - you know where I am!

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On your web site update page you directed us to, it says at the bottom



Digital Command Control (First Edition)

Chapter 4, Page 25 - the LED diagram is incorrect. It should be the same as the


TIC... Question - same as what Ian ?

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