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Nene Valley Railway Books 90% off


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Sorry if this isn't the right place to put it, but I received and email from the above saying they are selling off pretty much their entrie stock at 90% off. No connection other then a satisfied customer, but they do have loads of stuff so it might be worth checking out!

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When I last used them, the postage was adjusted to take account of the actual cost of postage rather than what the website calculated. Got another order as a result of this discount, though they are going to get left with a lot of Colin Garratt albums and Complete Books of Trains...

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Order placed, now to see how well it copes with snow and a Christmas postal service.


The postage cost significantly more than the books! :blink:

The home page explains how they calculate post and packing costs. Actual cost plus 50p handling/packing seems very fair to me. Compared to recent comments about ebay p&p costs it would seem to be a bargain.


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For anyone thinking of ordering - today is the last day.


Those who have placed orders should have received a "generic" e-mail explaining why there is a backlog, extracts of which are appended below:


Following our 90% discount sale that started on the 17th December, I have

received 438 orders. That's 438 orders in just 14 days; some orders

consisting of over 40 books. Two of these days were set aside for Christmas

and a few days were partially missed due to the bad weather; unfortunately

this means I am running behind.


I'm afraid that there is only Dave and I getting these orders out to you;

with occasional help from my Mum and a couple of others who pop in when they

get the chance. Finding the books that have been ordered can take hours and

I then have to weigh each order before taking payment and adding the order

to our database. The whole process takes hours and hours which is why I am

only getting through these orders slowly! Obviously there is the matter of

packing after that which I also have to do myself so I'm spread quite thinly

I'm afraid.


There are still at least 200 orders that I must collect and weigh, etc.

Which I am trying to do as quickly as possible! I have been unable to reply

to most e-mails because I am trying to get these orders out so if you are

expecting a reply, please be patient! I will try and respond as soon as I


Fortunately, for me, the discount ends today and I can then concentrate on

getting the rest of these out to you as quickly as I can without the worry

of more orders flooding in.

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Just received an e-mail from Dave's daughter, that due to a serious decline in his health, Nene Valley books ceased trading from the end of January. Any outstanding orders will remain unfulfilled.


I'm sure we all wish Dave the best of health, even if a full recovery is unlikely.

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Interestingly I have just found this post and hope someone sees my response.


We were very sad to have to close down the business and even worse was the amount of uncompleted orders we had at the point of closing down. As many people knew, Dave (my Father) became quite ill in January and subsequently, in February, suffered a stroke, followed by a heart attack, pneumonia and kidney failure. This was a massive shock to us all and as far as we were concerned, the business no longer mattered. I'm very, very sorry to anyone who didn't receive their order but I felt unable to carry on, on my own, with the amount of stress upon us.


The good news is that Dad somehow managed to pull through. Four months later he is now in a rehab centre receiving physio in the hope that he will be able to walk again.


All I really wanted to do was apologise to anyone who was hoping to receive their order and didn't and update anyone who wanted to know about Dad's condition.


If anyone here speaks to anyone who knew Dad personally... of which there were many, please pass on the message as I don't tend to circulate within the Railway community anymore.


Thankyou all for your custom and kind comments!


Cassy Overend


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I am sure anyone with an outstanding order will fully understand the situation that you and your father were put in through no fault of your own.

May I wish Dave a full recovery and good health for the future.Take care of yourself as well as the stress can have a knock on effect on the family.

Kind Regards. Del.

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