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Class 22 livery/headcode variations


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I know this is partly covered in the Dapol topic, but how many examples existed in plain green with headcode boxes?


Dapol appear to be releasing D6335 in this guise (which is what I have on order originally thinking it would be a disc version) and there is a nice photo of D6334 in this condition (the only one) on p52 of the new "Hydraulics in the West" book (lots of 22s in there!).

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Off the top of my head the answer is three - D6334, D6335 and D6336.


The problem with the Dapol model is that pre-production images show one of the earlier batch with different body end details.


Unless the moulding is changed, the answer to how many of the class represented by the Dapol model carried plain green with headcode boxes is possibly zero.


Geoff Endacott

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