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37196, Tre, Pol and Pen

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During 37196s time as "Tre, Pol and Pen" she wore Red Stripe livery, with no red stripe, at this time she also carried a white cresent shaped headboard with "Cornish Railways" and crossed BR and Cornish flags on it. My question is, did she carry the headboard at both ends? Or was a single headboard swapped from end to end?


I have found photos of both ends carrying the headboard, and the headboard on the end coupled to a wagon, but no pictures showing both ends on the same occasion.


This is going to be my first 37 I will model in N, kind of limits my time period, but she's an interesting machine!


Many Thanks,



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I don't have any pics of it in normal service but it certainly had two fitted at Landore Open day 1985




The board can just be seen here




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16th July 1985 - courtsey of ther cl37 website. Plat 4 is still connected, but truncated about 150m in.


Add in there's rail still too it? Are you sure? Lady time I was on platform 3 I'm pretty sure it was car park and then the messy nr yard. Was plenty of track piled up mind... I'm going Truro tomorrow, night have a look.

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