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Hornby select, can it do a cv8 reset or readdress from a 4 digit code?

big jim

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basically i sold a lok-sound fitted class 40 on ebay, i left the address as a 4 digit code 4035 but the buyer has a Hornby select and cannot for the life of them get the loco to run


they say they have done the procedure to change the address, press select, wait for the lcd to flash etc and it shows the new address is accepted but there is no movement or indeed sounds, basically if its got a 4 digit address will the select be able to read it to change back a 2 digit address


bryan at howes suggested a cv8 reset but looking through the pdf manual i cannot see a way of doing it with the select, only adjustments of the accelleration and decceleration cvs are possible, so can select do a cv8 reset?



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The Select cannot adjust CVs directly. Its pre programmed to adjust a few..e.g. Normal direction of travel, acceleration, deceleration rates and address numbers 1 to 59 etc but that's it. You need a much better system that can write CV values.

If you just want to set an address to within the Selects range of 1 to 59, try placing the loco onto the programming track or use the main lines, but ensure you remove all other locos before commencing, and try setting its address to the chosen number between 1 and 59. It may take two or more attempts to actually get the address to change.

If that fails then you will need to find someone who can reset it to its defaults including address 3 for you.

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