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Polmadie inspired diorama


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Hi all, since the enforced storage of Wiganish I have become increasingly frustrated with stock and nowhere to put it. This weekend I had some free time and this is the beginning of an area to put them. I have always had a fasination with this picture..........


with the contrast of light and dark, so I thought I'd have a go...........





I need 6 yards of track anyone got any ideas for the most suitable, was thinking of c&l perhaps?

PS there is 100 cyber points to whoever can recognise the origins of the model building.

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Thanks sandside will try that later. Yes Merc435 it is the low relief warehouse available as a free download from scalescences i downloaded after making a purchase. It looked close to the shed in the class 50 photo, how are you going to spend your cyber points.

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Merc435 Hope you enjoyed your goodies, heres a few more sighting shots with a Scottish engine. Next step is to tile the roof whilst waiting for track to arrive.I wanted to create some unusual viewing angles to work with the shadows and the open door and window could provide this once I can get used to my new camera.





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Hi Grunfos,


Memories of Polmadie!!!!!!!!


Any idea of the date of your photo, its post August 68' I know as the 'D' prefix is omitted.

I visited Polmadie almost every weekend in the 60's and early 70's, absolutely loved the place. Thanks for the memory!



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Oh I like this. I like this a lot.


It's exactly the kind of thing I was looking to create with regard to realistic camera angles. I am once again inspired to pull my finger out and get on with it.


Thank you.

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Thanks for the comments,

I wasn't really taking this as a finish to the end project, still waiting for 14 foot long Wiganish to arrive back with me, just wanted to do something hence the not to accurate building etc. I suppose after words of encouragement I'd best finish it. Track has been ordered from C & L.

Mike the photo is dated 15th April 1972 from a Hull Railway society visit.

Raffles it was your Raxton Shed that gave me the inspiration to do something, because of your great use of the Peco shed I had to find something else, that combined with the header photo got the diorama started. what is the status of Raxton?

Thank you.

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Has anyone had better service than this? track ordered from C & L on Monday evening, Waiting at home when I got back from work on Wednesday! Thanks C & L. All I have to do is lay it! More soon......


C&L's service is great isn't it - I ordered a couple of turnout kits (that they didn't have in stock) last Sunday at Scalefour North and they arrived on the Wednesday...



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Like Mike, I was a weekly visitor in the late 60s/early 70s.


What the original photo doesn't convey is the oily grimy gloom of the place, it felt (to me) like a step back in time, it was such a fascinating place to explore in those days, so full of atmosphere. It amazes me now that we'd get the ok every time we asked to look around, I also was a regular visitor to the signal box too.


http://www.flickr.com/photos/24041160@N02/3087680138/in/faves-loose_grip_99/ catches the shed gloom brilliantly!


The class50s were always spotless but everything else was pretty unloved really.


In a ideal world Polmadie would feature in my ideal layout.






PS great wee diorama!

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Hi, Been busy today, track has been layed and hardstanding fitted, it will be covered with Scalescene covering when dry. Have covered roof with Kingsway roofing sheets, I think it works, any comments before I do the shed roof the same? The Kingsway website is well worth a visit there are masses of buildings that are crying out to be used, some of the garages would make great backscences, have my eye on one in particular, and the block of flats is awesome! Anyway, must be a bank holiday as Polmadie seems full of type 4 motivepower looking for work.

cheers Paul








To finish a full size view of the area I'm using.



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Hi, was in Halfords earlier and came across this.


Thought I'd give it a go on my track, this is the result, any comments on colour? I dont think it looks to bad and easier to obtain than mail order.



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