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Railways of South Devon Meet Up?

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Just got home after a Friday evening of excess - too much curry and laughter! A dozen of us showed up, the food was delish, the beer cold, and the conversation most amusing. Thanks for your company and a great evening guys!


Here's some pics of our shocking oriental debauchery:




The Cap'n and his new desert-related feathered friend moments before scooping out the hapless birds's insides, exclaiming "I scream!" (I think)




Here we all are, well one end of the table anyway, replete after our sumptuous repast. But where'd everyone else go? Our raucousness appears to have emptied the restaurant of other customers. Ooops!




Folks at t'other end of 'table, pondering where the deserts suddenly went...




Some peeps couldn't resist talking 'shop' (about full-sized railway matters), yack yack yack! Meanwhile, the rest of us (behind camera) had a most fascinating discussion about the correct shade of track colour paint (yawn)




Two reprobates, having successfully resolved the track colour debate. Time to pay and go!


Anyway, Black Rat and everyone else who couldn't make it - you missed a great evening. But not to worry, we'll do it again soon, assured our Cap'n. :imsohappy:

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Great pictures, Phil - I thought at first that you must have got up earlier than me.... :P


Anyway, thanks to all who came, it was indeed a great evening out, here are a few more photos:


Just waiting for the others outside, posing in front of Tom's VW campavan:







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"Railway modellers, aaagghhhh! Run away"


Well that probably explains the emptiness of the restaurant behind you.

Glad you all had a great time. It looked fun and so far I can't spot anything incriminating in the pictures.

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Apologies for delayed reply - only just logged in !

Friday was highly enjoyable (I don't get to go out much!), it was very interesting talking to Tim (Cap'n K) about the current state of play with local railways. My thanks to him for arranging it all and everyone else for their pleasant company.

I can assure you the penguin came through CK's "surgery" and is now in recuperating in a safe environment (our daughter's room!) :)

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