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Stephen Fay’s diorama builds, Gauge O guild modular exhibition layout Brunel’s Sea Wall

steve fay

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Another batch of MBR trees arrived today to thicken up the Birch Forrest plus a few spruce, 
I’ve got another two tall spruce on order from GModelScene and that should just about complete this section.


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Out in the natural light for a better view of the new trees, digital photography doesn’t like reds in certain lights and the indoor shots I did last made the Scott’s pines look way to bright! , There is a nice picture of Sonning in a new book I have that shows a much coarser ballast in the drainage channels so I’ve replicated that with some chunky ballast.


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On 05/03/2021 at 22:14, steve fay said:

A few new wagons arrived today and the weathering has started. 




May I ask what you have used on the underframes? The colour looks spot on, especially on the meat wagon.

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I’ve been adding Fox BR coach roundels to my Dapol MK1’s 

plus this little wagon arrived today a LTD from Tower models and a must have as it’s from my own town.  It’s currently being distressed before I add BR numbers. 



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All go on the new coaling stage project, Intentio Pit in and railed up plus the first track going down,  front road will have a long pit installed before the track is fixed. 
I picked up two lengths of Peco for the rear road from the Pontypool and Blaenavon Railway shop along with a box van yesterday,  I did respace the first 8” to match the C&L track as it’s visible but the rest is hidden behind the coaling stage and the ramp!  Plus some laser cut sleepers in place for the Ragstone buffer stop. Polystyrene added in the corner.


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