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Photo plank in a few hours challenge...


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The diorama I started last Summer can't get a look in, and I'm desperate to get some sort of small plank done for photographic purposes. So I thought I would see how quick I could knock something up. The camera just happened to be on hand to document it!
Nice and simple, making it 100cm long, the stock length of a piece of flexi. Should be long enough to cope with a 3 car dmu, and a couple of coupled locos.
Screwing and gluing the 2x1" to the ply strip, the timber forms the trackbed.
Next job is to make a length of Exactoscale flexi up, a simple case of threading the rail onto the sleeperbases.
Voila! Track not stuck down yet.
Colouring the track prior to laying, nice and quick with the airbrush. Precision rusty rails, and sleeper grime.
Track now put aside to dry. So that means I can get on with producing the scenery formers. Decided to use foamboard, wonderful stuff.
Tacked in place with a glue gun. Quick and easy.
Next some old newspaper to fill out the formers a bit.
Then to form the scenery skin, its a covering of plaster bandage material.
A couple of loco shots showing the progress so far.
Not bad for a couple of hours work. Next jobs are to install some power, possibly a colour light signal, and once the plaster has dried, colouring the scenic base and trackbed ready for their top coverings. Subject to drying times, I would like this finished next week.


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Apologies for the delay, but had to wait for the painted mod roc to dry out! Right then, on we go.

As you can see from the next piccy, the plaster has been painted Earth colour, to prevent any white showing through once I start on the scenery top coats.



My preferred method of ballasting is the traditional 'drop the watered down pva on', but this time for speed, I just lay the track onto a bed of PVA, and sprinkled the ballast straight on top.





Once the ballast has dried off a bit, the excess is hoovered off. Then it's onto the scenery. Out with the PVA again....



And back from the garden centre with some hanging basket liner.This is cut into small strips.....



And glued on. Once dry, the backing is peeled off, leaving realistic looking grass.



Once this dries, it's out with the scissors for a haircut  :shock:   :jester:
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Great thread.....


Really enjoying how you are explaining what you are doing.....


I find it really useful to read/see how other modellers produce their results....You're never to old to learn & I've picked up a couple of new ideas already.....


Keep it up I for one am really enjoying your progress....


Cheers Bill

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