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Glyn Valley Tramway Operating Practices

Jeff Smith

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I'm planning a GVT based layout and wondered if anyone can answer the following questions on operating practice for the GVT, which may also apply to other similar operations where most trains were mixed quarry and passenger stock.


1. Was shunting ever done with passengers on board?  I believe this is frowned upon with SG railways if not actually illegal?

2. Train makeup was usually Loco - coaches - quarry wagons - brake van.  Was the brake van always at the back?  there were no continuous brakes on these trains.  Photos only show it at the back.


Thanks for anyone's insight.

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The rules for the Glyn Valley Tramway were not the same as a railway as it was officially a roadside tramway. This enabled them to run with no signalling or staff control of the single track amongst other things.


I would think that you if you haven't got or got sight of W.J.Milners book on the tramway it is about the best source of information. I have a feeling that there is a recent new revamped improved version about in the past couple of years but if it helps the details of my much older copy are :- "The Glyn Valley Tramway", Author W.J.Milner, published by Oxford Publishing Co., ISBN 0 86093 286 9.


I have also found useful the three small, A5, soft back books by Bernard Rocket, published by Theodore Press, "GVT Coaches"(ISBN 0 9523223 0 7), "GVT Goods"(ISBN 0 9523223 1 5) and "GVT Locomotives"(ISBN 978 0 9560665 2 7) containing drawings, details and photo's. These are available in different scales , mine all being 7mm/1ft and I believe that the coach one may be out of print but it may well be available second hand.(www. is your friend!)


Hope this helps a little,


Phil T.     

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Phil, I have the Oakwood Press Locomotion Papers 18, The Glyn Valley Tramway by David Llewelyn Davies and Glyn Valley Tramway Locomotives, 7mm drawings, on order.


Strangely enough since my post I came across a picture taken at Chirk with GLYN chimney first next to the brake van then the coaches. Of course it may just be placing the brake van prior to running round to pull the train cab-first......

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