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  1. Odd, only last week you were happy to tell Facebook readers "I don't buy BRM any more, used to be a good mag sadly gone down hill recently."
  2. It's only half past five, are you saving on the electric again?
  3. Sadly not, there are already some suggested ones for people to choose from but they don't get used enough and as I say making it mandatory makes it so for all topics in all areas.
  4. Send me an email at info@rmweb.co.uk with your original account information and I'll seek to sort out your original account.
  5. If I force the usage it seems to be global across all areas which would increase the number of tags to select from huge - I can't seem to limit to one forum area such as Layouts. I'll continue to look though.
  6. If you feel like cheating a little to make life easier use some Fabfoam for the infill over the sleepers.
  7. Mind-reader! I was giving this some consideration today as a way of categorising scale/gauge/era/geography and looking so far as forcing tags on layout topics for example.
  8. Thought I'd try the ability to share a Stream which shows the settings I've found of most use to me - https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/discover/138/
  9. Another aspect to consider is the Show Me filter and select Content Items Only rather than comments etc, you should then only get one entry based on the most recent activity.
  10. Until I can get one of the tools working which absolutely replicates what you see it's difficult to say Tim. As a temporary workaround it may be worth bookmarking the topic in your browser as one of your important points of call. I'll put it on ze list.
  11. Periodically it may be a little whilst work on the back end is still happening.
  12. It is 10MB per post, limited because some people were getting lazy and not resizing images for Web use and using inordinate amounts of drive space. It's a generous enough allowance.
  13. As a little background as to why I decided to go live on Friday sooner than I would have ideally liked these are the indexing options presented within the software. Logical in hindsight but it just didn't feel like it at the time.
  14. A victory for technological Luddites the world over! I'll sort you out with something better tomorrow but I may put you back to a Green 'T' for now.
  15. Funnily enough I just wandered down to the Co-Op to get some milk and they had a power cut leaving customers stuck halfway through purchases as the tills went down so I thought about your words. I just ignored all those sensible and rational thoughts and complained about that I couldn't read the words on the Jaffa Cakes and that I thought the icing on the buns wasn't as thick as it was last week. In future I will go to the three bottles of wine for £9 shop even though they don't have Jaffa Cakes and iced buns. Disgusted of Rudgley.
  16. October 2009. The other milestone is that come March RMweb will have been within Warners' ownership as long is was in mine. 7 years each.
  17. Great to see mutual support and problem solving going on, thanks all! It's all the little things that you don't get chance to familiarise yourself with before going live.
  18. Noted, there's a few things I want to try with menus.
  19. Hiding is like a soft delete. The post can only seen by the poster and can be recovered if necessary. I've disabled full deletion for members to prevent accidental use or hissy fit disruption.
  20. And just short of a million images to tie in with them. RMweb started so that people could upload images direct to content but I wasn't expecting that many.
  21. I chose if from the options available as the clearest to read, during the week I may prep some samples for discussion but no-one will agree on the best.
  22. Listen please, the old software had security vulnerabilities and needed updating to this version. Work has been done to make it more like the old version than the out of the box version. I'm getting a bit fed up with some people criticising when they don't consider these aspects or read any of the relevant posts about what's going on. Many people have shown a lot of understanding but some just want to shout an opinion. Frankly, that doesn't help one scrap.

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    2. JJGraphics


      As a former computer graphics business owner who worked on a wide range of printed and web-based projects for many years, I can assure everyone that no-one will ever set about a project of this nature for the fun of it. This level of project is never undertaken lightly.

      It involves a lot of hard work and a deal of frustration, sometimes stumbles a little on problems that are almost impossible to anticipate and is rarely to everyone's liking on Day One.

      Stick with it for a while, make a bit of an effort to learn how it works and then, if you feel strongly about an existing feature or, would like to see a feature added, try making some constructive suggestions. There is a thread for this.

    3. 57xx


      Can you pin this comment? lol


      From some of the comments, it also looks like they think you wrote the software yourself and deliberately made the changes to pi$$ people off!

    4. Mallard60022


      Andy, RMW still exists and that is all that matters to old farts like me. Thank you.


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