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  1. Don't get me wrong, I did contemplate some playtime but I'd have only been beaten by his superior skills in certain areas. You can't argue with a dustbin.
  2. Thankfully he won't hear you John, I've removed his access to the topic.
  3. No, we're not going to play your games. I did check the lofty position from where you look down on us from in previous posts to find trackplans full of R numbers and boards from recycled materials (nothing wrong with that but don't kid anyone you're on a higher plane). Ta ta.
  4. Sorry, you're just talking trash. If it's not of any interest just ignore the topic before I remove your access to it.
  5. Now we know why he was so keen to get to the stand.
  6. Phil's been down at the Toy Fair today and has spotted this on the Hornby stand. It's obviously not in the catalogue and may be there to establish interest with bigger buyers in the same way as the Downton Abbey set was a few years ago. A Diet version for N gaugers?
  7. I've never encountered that screen, it must be a result iof some of the changes. If anyone's having login problems such as this it's always worth logging out, deleting any RMweb cookies from your browser and logging in afresh. Take some time to look at the filters in the left-hand column where you can customise what it calls up for you. take a note of what you started with though in case you get lost.
  8. Andy Y


    See https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/141587-oxford-rail-announce-j27-at-toy-fair/
  9. Oxford Rail – Now in full model mode and investing in the future. This year promises an exciting Oxford Rail 2019 ahead with releases galore, including a totally new locomotive, a limited edition train pack, plus additions to an already popular and established product range. Contrary to what some may have thought, Oxford Rail are continuing to invest in their steadily growing and impressive range. Over these last few years Oxford Rail have established themselves as a brand that lives up to its promises to not only the modeller but also their valued retailers who have supported them from the very beginning. To repay both the modeller and the retailer for their faith in Oxford Rail continues to invest heavily in its planned development schedule and remains determined to provide top quality products at readily affordable prices. As mentioned, this year sees the Oxford Rail range of detailed models enlarged even further with the addition of several new and exciting items. For 2019 the choice of locomotives has been extended once again with the introduction of the NER P3 locomotive, which for many is probably better known as the LNER / BR Class J27. This very capable locomotive was built to handle long distance freight and mineral trains mainly in the northeastern region. Due to the locomotive being so robust and being more than capable of hauling heavy coal trains the last of the Class was not removed from traffic until September 1967. R0241 - South Blyth Shed by Bill Wright, on Flickr 2019 will see the 100th anniversary of the East Kent Light Railway purchasing their Adams Radial locomotive. To celebrate this milestone, Oxford Rail will be producing a limited production run of 250 commemorative packs featuring the EKR liveried Adams Radial and two newly liveried 5 plank wagons specific to the East Kent area. With the release of the eagerly awaited N7, plus the amazing BL 18 inch Howitzer Rail Gun in its various guises, as well as new liveries featured on the 5 plank open wagons, not to mention the varieties of Mk3 coach stock, plus an extensive selection of wagon and tanker ranges on offer, these next few months are going to be exciting times not only for Oxford Rail but also the model railway fraternity. Asked to comment, Scott Rhodes of Oxford Rail said, ’What the 2019 range illustrates is our total commitment to developing and expanding a solid range of products on which we can continue to build in line with the strategy we originally laid down at the very beginning of Oxford Rail’. When asked about future plans Scott responded, ‘We are continually looking for model opportunities to expand our range. The Oxford Structures have been extremely well received but we are also looking at other possibilities with regards to locomotives and rolling stock and I believe we have some truly exciting plans for the future.’ Adding, ‘Watch this space.’ In brief: J27- 4 liveries OR76ROR007- Carillion ROR defender OR76MW5006- Tilmanstone company 5 plank wagon OR76AR009- EKR Anniversary set (Loco and 2 new Tilmanstone wagons with different running numbers) OR76MW7013W Heavily Weathered in wales 7 plank Wagon BR Open wagon OR76MW7021W- Weathered in wales 7 plank Wagon Kobo OR76SPWAG01- Mixed PO wagons sets OR76DG010- Dean Goods with snow plough removed OR76ACC01- snow plough accessory OR76BOOM03- WW1 Rail gun only
  10. I've amended the topic title as it was misleading. Sorry, you will just have to accept that such changes in model spec/prices can change, especially considering the duration since order.
  11. The 'industry Oscars' are now out! Recent years have seen disruptive changes to the model railway manufacturing ‘establishment’ with newcomers and start-ups making a name for themselves within the modelling community; that ‘noise’ is now translating into products, sales and reputation. This year voting modellers have clearly rewarded the likes of Hatton’s, Revolution Trains, Accurascale, Rails and Locomotion alongside our dependable guard of Hornby, Bachmann, Dapol and Heljan. Over 5,800 modellers participated in the award voting and the BMRA results in the industry-leading poll clearly show the number of votes cast for the products which reached the retailers’ shelves and modellers’ layouts during the calendar year. This year we have chosen to broaden the recognition for entrants with gold, silver and bronze awards as it certainly isn’t just about getting top spot. Whilst Dapol’s products came top in the N Gauge product categories with their Class 68 and the Maunsell Brake Third Revolution Trains won the hearts of voters giving us a new name as a winner of the N Gauge Manufacturer of the Year, some going for a business with two modellers at its core delivering well-regarded quality products. Click images to expand In the OO section of the poll Rapido Trains, although not listed as a manufacturer in their own right (as we chose to list those who originate a product), have scored remarkable successes for the Stirling Single produced for the National Collection in Miniature with Locomotionmodels and the LNER Dynamometer Car for Rails of Sheffield in their respective categories. Dennis Lovett, Exclusive Models Marketing Executive for Locomotionmodels.com said “we are delighted that No.1 came in at number one in this year’s poll”. Kernow Model Rail Centre’s variant of the Bulleid Diesel won the D&E category by a substantial margin, a design championed by owner Chris Trerise. The disruption of established brands continues in the wagons category with Hatton’s departmental Beilhack snowplough emerging a clear winner. A good showing through various categories sees a new name on the OO Manufacturer of the Year Award for Hatton’s Model Railways; something which I know means a lot to everyone in the business as MD Richard Davies explains "2018 has been one of the most rewarding and interesting years at Hattons. We released more of our own models than any other year and grew our workforce to just shy of 70 people. From everybody at Hattons we would like to sincerely thank everyone who took the time to vote for Hattons and our products. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the Hattons team for 20 years now and I can safely say that there has never been a more exciting time to be part of this hobby and business. We look forward to maintaining and exceeding our current standards both in terms of customer service and the products we provide." Moving up to the senior scale Dapol’s move into the O Gauge market over recent years sees further recognition for their Pannier Tank, silver and bronze awards in the rolling stock category and the title of O Gauge Manufacturer of the Year whilst Hatton’s name appears once more for their impressive Warwell wagon. We recognize innovation outside the main headlines and it is gratifying to see a genuinely new product for the layout builder with ready-to-use point rodding from DCC Concepts ahead of Train-Tech’s smart screen displays and Bachmann’s well-featured DCC coach lighting. Hornby have had a respectable showing through many categories and brand loyalty carries them to the prestigious Overall manufacturer of the year title for 2018. As Phil was at the Toy Fair this week he was able to give Hornby their news in a short clip with Lyndon and Simon. Once again Hatton’s dominance of the domestic marketplace earns a win in the Customer Service Award ahead of Rails. Our awards go beyond industry awards and looks to recognize the efforts of modellers and others who support the hobby. Once again Warley MRC’s National Exhibition wins the Exhibition of the Year award ahead of our own show at Alexandra Palace which will take place on 23/24 March this year. The UK Model Shops website is frequently the first port of call for modellers looking for shops and exhibitions and Adrian’s site once again is duly recognized by modellers. Numerous layouts were nominated for the Layout of the Year title and for the first time an ‘at home’ layout wins the title, Dave Segar’s Waverley West (as featured in BRM November 2015) which is perennially popular on RMweb with Dave also taking silver in the RMweb Modeller of the Year award. Finally, a rather special recognition as RMweb’s Modeller of the Year, a sadly posthumous award for the legendary Allan Downes who passed away in 2018 who so often graced RMweb’s pages with his back catalogue, skills and humour. Thank you to everyone concerned, particular everyone who took the time to vote in the polls.
  12. Could you provide a screenshot of what you're seeing please either by reply or PM so I can look into it. Spot on Mike, the VNC is a form of search function which is not available to non-members as it increases server loads.
  13. Give the man a chance! He's got a lot to do to raise the phoenix from the ashes, develop the roundy-roundy and hit the road again with it before it gets to investing in more stock to appease the whims and wishes of the spectator.
  14. You do get the DVD that they may not and also a lower price.
  15. No, just right click on each one and 'save as'.
  16. INFORMATION FROM LOCOMOTION MODELS To celebrate the 80th Anniversary last year, Locomotion Models produced a Limited-Edition twin set to mark this landmark event. The set comprises; 1938 Condition Hornby Mallard in museum gloss finish 1938 Condition Rapido/Rails Dynamometer Car The two are produced in a special presentation pack worthy of the record-breaking pair. It is available fromwww.locomotionmodels.com for £369.95 and is available for immediate delivery.
  17. A reminder to everyone that voting closes at the end of Sunday night. There's some very interesting potential results this year!
  18. There's an Isle of Wight theme in there including the club's own Freshwater (EM) layout. The best way to get to the island is via Portsea (TT) Nothing to do with IoW stuff but BRM April issue will feature Todmorden Midland which Ed Purcell is showing at Stafford too.
  19. It looks to be a really good line-up this year; well done Colin, Terry and team. Pete Latham's 'Wormhill' will be in March BRM which is out a couple of days before the show (we do try and help time things!) which is a cracking Peak Forest-ish scene.
  20. Access to smilies isn't available in the mobile version and relies on using the necessary keystrokes.
  21. When I can this damned software upgrade done there will be a neat solution which could encourage participation even more.
  22. Compared to getting over-excited and ranty on a forum? Give them some credit, they have a good record of responding to customers.
  23. Actually I'd cocked up and used the N EPs in the OO OP - I've removed them now.
  24. It's scheduled to be shipping during Q3 so a Nov shelf date is quite possible.
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