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  1. A friend who is a VIA engineer said it was among the new fleet illustrations in a staff briefing. She didn't know what the significance of the different colour scheme was, either. (CJL)
  2. Not quite sure why you think I imagined it. (CJL)
  3. Certainly, my VIA friend refers always to turning on a 'Y'. The only balloon loop I've ever seen is at Bennett on the White Pass & Yukon but I'm not that well travelled in the USA. (CJL)
  4. It is highly likely that 18000 had standard GWR whistles. Quite a lot of fittings were supplied by Swindon - the details are in the files at the NRM. Of course, that's not to say that the whistle would have sounded the same as it did on a steam loco. Remember, too, that Swindon had fitted much better horns to its railcars after complaints that plate layers couldn't hear them coming. I'm guessing that when Swindon heard the whistles on 18000 they replaced them with the railcar horns (which were said to be EXCEPTIONALLY LOUD!) (CJL)
  5. There's a very nice high-definition version of the film available on Amazon Prime. Way better than the DVD version that I've enjoyed up to now. (CJL)
  6. Thanks again everyone. I have quite a few more, printed off when I had access to a batch of negs with no info whatsoever with them. I have a couple of 70ft auto coaches (W200W is one) in the most appalling state but what their story is, who knows. (CJL)
  7. I think the single-cab look is part of the tradition of North American railways. They don't view it as a single locomotive. In the heyday of passenger diesels they had lash-ups of four locos, one with a cab, two without and one with a cab facing the other way. Or two with a cab lashed-up back to back. Even with a single loco and one cab, it didn't matter because their usual practice was to turn the whole train on a 'Y', not to run-round with a loop in the way that was usual in the UK. The former Nightstar coaches that VIA used on the Ocean are being withdrawn because VIA can no longer turn the train at Halifax and Canadians don't travel 'back to the engine'. The Nightstar stock has seats all facing one way. The new trains with their push-pull cars are - at last - a move towards more economical operating practices with trains that will no longer need to be turned. How they'll deal with reversing the seats is not clear. Maybe a return to the old-style pivoted seat units. With regard to the photo, VIA is also showing pictures of a train with largely white/pale grey stock with a giant maple leaf. It is not clear whether that's an alternative livery. It looks to be a computer-generated re-livery rather than a train that has actually been painted. (CJL)
  8. Many thanks, everyone. I would never have sorted that out. Im now looking for info on W 9961 W. Obviously GWR origin (possibly ex-tri-composite judging from compartment spacings) a clerestory on 7ft Dean bogies and appears to be black)
  9. No.2200 first liveried example. A complete set is to be delivered later in the year so that it can be subjected to tests in a Canadian winter.
  10. I'm curious to find the origin and purpose of this coach W1065W which appears to be in BR carmine and is marked STAFF. I'm guessing it originated with one of the South Wales companies but what staff would it be reserved for? I had for years been under the impression it was an ex-LSWR vehicle but I don't now know why I thought that. I'm guessing there's someone who will know exactly what and when? (CJL)
  11. Maybe that it was up for a major overhaul or a boiler replacement just at the wrong time and consequent earlier withdrawal contributed to lower mileage. Any sort of comparatively minor failure could result in withdrawal during that time. (CJL)
  12. Stratton station (Chris Leigh) 1658 at Highworth (R.C. Riley/CJL collection)
  13. I actually said 'will come off best' = receive the greatest amount of positive comment. 'Best' otherwise = top in whatever ranking system is employed. If there was a 'most expensive is best mantra' there would be no point in a comparison review - or any other kind of review - a price comparison exercise is all that would be needed. (CJL)
  14. Peter Marriott, who sometimes posts hereabouts, has done loads of comparison reviews of things which DO stand comparison, from ballast-fixing glues to static grass applicators. I think the OP is, however, aimed purely at locomotives, where there are duplications of the same few diesel classes. However, in my view a comparison review of, say, Class 66s, is a waste of precious pages. The most recent model is almost certain to come off best, simply because it will be up to date in terms of electronics, sound provision etc. i can't see the point of a review to just state the obvious. There are a few cases where the issue of a new state-of-the-art model prompts an uplift in the demand for the cheaper, older Railroad version but reviewers will usually point out if a new model supersedes an earlier one. (CJL)
  15. Looks good. I've just finished the Dornoch station building. Whether it ends up on a layout depends on a number of factors - mostly related to time and space. (CJL)
  16. A long time since I watched it (I'll have to re-watch half the boxed set to find it!) but I seem to recall that Private Godfrey got out, 'paid a visit', and got back in again without the train stopping! The outside shot was an alternative 'cricket match' shot. Now I'll watch it and find I've remembered it all wrong! (CJL)
  17. Some out-takes from Titfield Thunderbolt were used in a fairly early episode of Dad's Army. I suspect anything else would have found its way into John Huntley's archive. (CJL)
  18. I certainly have. It has been exhibited at Model Rail Live in Barrow Hill and at Newark but it is big and difficult to transport, so it won't go to club shows as it would be unfair to charge them the transport costs. It was due to go to the KWVR last year but Covid put paid to that. Contrary to the comment further back, it has been very well received at the shows it attended. Most viewers are not interested in seeing half an hour's shunting. They just watch a couple of trains go by. With specially made figures of the children, Perks and Daddy and Mr. Mitchell the guard, there's plenty to look at without seeing lots of different trains. Dave Lowery has done a great job of creating the 'green dragon' 0-6-0 for me, and I now have the Old Gentleman's carriage, too. I'm considering a Titfield layout in 'OO' but I don't really have the space. However, if Oakworth goes elsewhere in due course, who knows? (CJL)
  19. Sorry, I stopped making my cast parts about 15 years ago when my casting machine 'died'. It wasn't worth the cost of replacing it and I'd become tired of spending hot summer days sweltering in a shed labouring over a metal melting pot! (CJL)
  20. Rapido will know exactly where you can borrow a pair of flares!
  21. I think it's unlikely that there will be re-runs any time soon, due to the number of other projects to which MR is committed, but you can never say never. Both the J70 and the USA have shown the high level of interest that there is in the standard BR liveries, compared to specials, one-offs and earlier big four liveries, but predicting that balance for a production run is never easy. (CJL)
  22. Certainly was! ....and at a time when a chocolate and cream one on the Western Region was already becoming a rare sight! I have a feeling that S2464 was particularly selected for Churchill's funeral as being a gangway vehicle to allow the Guard of Honour to be changed during the journey. Otherwise, presumably, the Edith Cavell van could have been used. Handborough, the day after, with the 'staging' that enabled the coffin to be easily withdrawn from the van, still in place. A crossover was installed to give the train direct access to the up platform from the down line, and a white post marked where the cab of the loco had to be when it stopped. The white post is almost certainly hidden by the chap standing on the down platform. (CJL)
  23. There was, at that time, a certain kudos to having a corporate Coat-of-Arms - I'm not even sure the term logo existed at the time. There were, too problems with logos - remember the 'arrow of indecision' which looked absurd on the funnels of Sealink ships because the up and down lines had to be reversed, otherwise it only looked silly! (CJL)
  24. Yes, I'm afraid MR-205 is now sold out. We were notified earlier this week. (CJL)
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