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  1. I had a trip booked which we had to cancel due to the pandemic fly into Boston for a few nights, Amtrak to New York 3 nights then train to Washington DC for a few nights and fly home.
  2. most of Walthers kits are easy to build, with good instructions
  3. What's the purpose of the cross over in the plan?
  4. Walthers, Atlas ,Intermountain, Scaletrains, Exactrail, Red caboose
  5. Thanks to Andy and all his helpers for another good weekend, though did seem a little quiet at times and sadly the food wasn't as good as the previous years i've exhibited.
  6. I have to agree, really looked forward to getting back on the exhibition circuit, but have done 3 exhibitions now since they started running again, though i enjoyed them, the buzz has gone. My American layouts are 30min setup/drop, I only have one reliable operator, who has other interests, i have a 4x1 layout Brewery sidings which doesn't get out, it's done a few exhibitions and had a few offers, but soon as i give them my location, the next question always is have you nothing bigger, obviously fuel, B&B are same expense for both, so they want more for there buck. Living up in deepest West Cumbria has it's benefits, but certainly not a lot of local exhibitions, that's me till September all other exhibition have been cancelled, so let hope the buzz returns and we get back to normal.
  7. You'll save a bit building your own track and switches, what you'll save can go towards all those freight car you'll need to fill such a large yard, not many stockist of N gauge in the UK!!
  8. maybe some useful info on this site http://designbuildop.hansmanns.org/a-guide-to-1920s-era-ho-scale-plastic-freight-cars/
  9. just an update, fitted a coin battery holder and battery, now all back to normal.
  10. How about Big Eagle RR https://appalachianrailroadmodeling.com/railroads/current-day-appalachian-railroads/wfrr-winifrede-railroad/
  11. If your still using the first plan, you need insulated fishplates where they are on my plan and power feeds where shown on my plan ,hope this helps
  12. Looking forward to the show in March and may be a few sherbets after the show!!
  13. Just a heads up, i'll be exhibiting at Macclesfield show on the 26/27 March, call and say hellooooo!
  14. Glad you liked it Keith, this is a keeper (famous last words!)
  15. Your 18w iron isn't hot enough for normal solder, you need low melt solder or a bigger wattage iron.
  16. https://www.gaugemasterretail.com/magento/model-railways/walthers-cornerstone-brand5/walthers-cornerstone-wh933-3152.html
  17. Have a look here may give you some ideas http://members.trainweb.com/bedt/IndustrialLocos.html
  18. What is the purpose of the bottom track, because the head shunt doesn't look big enough for a loco, never mind anything else To me this a case for, less is more
  19. It's 1980 and the Conrail local spots a tank car at Lakehurst logistics, there only 12 months before the ageing Alco C424 meets the cutting torch!!!
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