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  1. Looking great Rob, shame I could not make it today for the operations. Next week is looking good.
  2. The power problem is one I have experienced. My old NCE system ran with the 2 PSX's with no problem. However the NCE system did not like the startup and the PSX's covered that with no problem. Some times on startup one of the PSX's would drop out and all would start fine, I would just need to turn on the one PSX. Now the NCE was limited to about 2amps and a little limited in it ability to deal with computer contro so after talking with James at DCC Automation I went for the DR5000 to replace the NCE. The DR5000 had plenty of amps but it did not like the start up at all, I believe this was the inrush current issue that has been mentioned above. It would take a couple of attempts to get the DR5000 to go online and it really got me annoyed. So the Dr5000 was much more sensitive than the old NCE system, and I could not get the PSX's to resolve the issue. In fact because I had them set to a slower cutout (because of other issues) the DR5000 would always cut out first. So hence they ended up spare as they were not helping. I had tried turning the sensitivity down with no change. Then James suggested using a DR5033 booster for the track and let the DR5000 stay as an accessory bus. And that sorted it in in one go. However it was another £100 spend without knowing if it would solve it. Now it boots up without any issues, it was just an expensive way of doing it and having an accessory bus at 5 amps was overkill. But it works. I know the PSX's have some sort of inrush protection but I do not know how to sort that. Kevin at Coastal DCC who sold them to me may be able to answer that, he is all knowing with that kit. Regards Doug
  3. Nice job, that's is what I should have done really but my eyesight these days makes it a bit tough. Doug
  4. Hi Rob, Well it looks the part, hopefully it will settle down, shame they did not plan for it to be hauled !!!! regards Doug
  5. Rob, Would be worth putting a simple non sound chip in first to check the lighting. Not worth trying it out on a sound chip yet. regards Doug
  6. I ended up getting a replacement from Bachman and kept the old kit for spares. Doug
  7. These are two different heights of this speaker 6mm and 7mm, I was going to try one of these in the 20, but they also do a double version of them. The single dumbo I think is 8mm and needs a bit if trimming to fit. I reckon the 6mm height is the right option if it sounds ok. Doug
  8. Hi Rob, I was looking forward to the results of you iPhone speaker test for both sound and fit. My solution as you know is the small zimo single dumbo with some filing down of sides and corners. The resultant sound is very satisfying but the fit issues are the same a 1mm rise in the body. I have got a few of the Youchoose speakers that I fitted to the class 33 that I intend to try out once I get my jmri panel back to how it was. If the speakers sound as good and fit the loco better I will update you. Regards Doug
  9. look really good buddy. Did you have any luck with the Railcom issues. Doug
  10. Hi Rob, I too was an NCE power cab user with some simple short protection done with a couple of circuit boards (PSX1's) I had a couple of power districts and it worked vey well. The I bought the DR5000 and my experience was the same as your, I had to remove the PSX's because the control was quicker and very sensitive. I could have dealt with it by altering its sensitivity but in the end I went for a slightly more expensive solution. I bought a DR5033 booster, I made that the track power supply and set it to try and reset the power itself rather than cut dead on a short. I then used the power from the DR5000 for all the accessories (point motors and signals etc). So a short does not kill the points and if I remove the thing that caused the short power is back. It works just fine now but it took me a little while to settle it in. The older system was much slower with shorts. The new system is much improved however and it was worth the pain to get there. regards Doug
  11. Thats is looking really great Rob, I think it was worth the effort for the effect that will result. Doug
  12. Great work Rob, looking forward to our being able to have a running day in 2021. Have a Happy new Year will speak over weekend. Doug
  13. So the model number is 32-685SD. If anyone gets any information about what chip is being used. regards Doug
  14. Anyone any idea what's inside the new peak available now. Doug
  15. Rob, I reckon we could prepare an overlay for you panels and once we get the drawing correct we could print it, laminate it and stick it over the current panel. It would be worth a try. Doug
  16. By all means get back to some golf but its important that the layout is ready when I am allowed to get over and do some driving. Regards Doug
  17. ooops, the variations on this fleet is amazing, I had not noticed either.
  18. Looking great Rob, carried on with my station building today but been outside the last week or so. Doug
  19. James from DCC Automation supplied me with an electronic board that slowed the current draw of these decoders, I just installed it in front of the 2 8's and the draw was slowed. Doug
  20. Hi Rob, Looking really good, Karens birthday tomorrow so will call over weekend. Still building the station here. Doug
  21. I had similar issues when I first installed the DR5000. MY u shaped layout has an A side and a B side. A side used the DCC concepts Decoders with solenoids and frog juicers. The B side was mainly DCC concepts IP digital servos with one pair of solenoids. Also with 30 plus sound locos I was getting a rush at the start and a short even though there was no short circuit. After speaking with James at DCC Automation I separated the track from the accessories with the DR5000 towering the accessory bus and the track bus powered by a 5033 booster. Since doing that the system is rock solid starts first time with no shorts. The booster is set to restart without shutting off the whole system. Regards Doug
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