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Image restoration from pre-May 2021 continues and may take an indefinite period of time.


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  1. More work on the "garage/shop"
  2. After that, the details can appear... I've collected old advertising from the web and adapted them on a 150 x 100 mm size: photo standard. I printed this composed "photo" with my photo printer on gloss paper to represent enamel signs. A little try on the layout...
  3. The roof is done. The chimney is built. More photos?
  4. After the building of walls...
  5. A crew work. Well, it's because they need more weight for adherence
  6. I like these two short gondolas. They look like narrow gauge models. They can be nice shortline MOW cars
  7. I use a Silhouette Cameo 4 plotter to cut the card and I finish with a fine blade. The result is very clean.
  8. I've cut the windows in a strong cardboard (250 gr).
  9. Waow! That's good job Jordan! I like the idea of the "end of the line" (like the movie with the same name). Nice atmosphere! The "Jordan track" is very good!
  10. The little shelf under the layout is a good idea to store the cars which are supposed to be inside the warehouse
  11. Here is a photo of my S-2 on my son's layout: the Waynesville Terminal.
  12. The building is near completion. I need to weather it a little bit more. I design a big sign for the building adapting a photo of a tin on Publisher. I made a big advertising on the roof.
  13. 2. The front wall. To make it I started by gluing a copy of the mock-up on a thin but strong cardboard. This help me to find the exact shape and where I have to cut the windows and the doors. I find this more Kiss than to draw on the card. After that, I put off the mock-up template to let the surface clean to make the wooden walls. And here it is when finished.
  14. So, the building of this symbolic garage has began... 1. The base is made from MDF "wood" with... coffee stirrers as wooden strips.
  15. You're right: I continue! Thank you for your kind messages. I use now my FlickrPro photo gallery to store the photos for this forum. Hope all will be going well. Do you remember: I would like to build a garage for my layout. I've build a printed bristol mock-up.
  16. Thank you for your kind messages and your help. Of course I still have the photos on my computer but it's a very long job to upload them. I had a similar problem a long time ago on another UK forum. I spent a lot of time to upload and update my thread.
  17. All my photos are lost here. Sorry, I let down this thread.
  18. All our photos are lost here. Sorry, I let down this thread. It will take a while to reload the photos.
  19. All my photos are lost here. Sorry, I let down this thread.
  20. It's "maquett": a brand. The ref is 611-01.
  21. I still have these products. They don't match the prototype for the "old" cars.
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