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  1. We have no plans for the Centre coach, sorry. About 5 people have asked in 10 years, far more have asked for a 141 !!!! Charlie
  2. Our Next project revealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. What a great guy. !!! Be there early on Friday for set up. Charlie Its going to be a great trip up: Pacers at Wensleydale Railway Pacer at Kirk Merrington Pacer in Newcastle Pacers at Alnmouth Pacers near Hawick. ALL PACERED OUT !!
  4. DCKits & Gang will be there with our normal 36 foot stand featuring: DCKits - Realtrack models, DEVideos & Books & and of course our Legomanbiffo demo. Not sur why Stan has not listed DCKits, but he is getting old you know !!!!!!! Charlie
  5. I really like this livery with the Welsh Dragon !!
  6. The underfloor detailing on our model is a little over the top by other models standards, but our 3D scans show what we had to achieve, so in our opinion, our New Northern ones will 'probably' be one of the most detailed model in the UK market today, these are proving popular if our pre-orders are anything to go by.
  7. NRM Shildon, and occasionally giving rides. If visiting the area, pop into Kirk Merrington Primary School to see 142045.
  8. The Legomanbiffo one is good too, just remember the latest Bachmann model has a Next 18 Decoder and a Coreless motor. See: https://www.dckits-devideos.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=68&product_id=206
  9. That is correct, ESU have not had a price increase now for18 months, so when they do, we expect it to be 'Well above inflation' thus we would be silly to commit to a price right now. That's why we are not listing them currently, all customers who have Pre-Ordered a Class 142 will be offered a 'Special Lower Price' and will be notified of this before it goes live on the Website. Also please note the 'Pre-Order' price currently offered will not be the actual retail price when we have them, as the Pre-Order price on the Website will increase later this year, these two offers are a reward for our loyal customers support. Charlie
  10. They have Pre-Fitted speakers on the underfloor of both cars, see drawing attached: The Circuit boards have been designed by ESU for 21Pin Decoders. Early Sounds are Leyland TL11 Engines from Legomanbiffo. Later Sounds are Cummings with Voith Transmissions from Legomanbiffo The DCC Spec: 2 X ESU Sound Decoders operating motors in each car. 2 X ESU Designed Circuit boards. Full Interior Passenger Lighting with Fluorescent flicker feature. Day Time & Night Time Running. Door Sounds (Both Bleeper Types) with operational door lights with Guards light delay feature. Illuminated Destination Blind. Cab Lights with directional automatic switch off when leaving stations (Plus manual overide). Minature 5 Pole motors & micro drive, thus allowing full interior detailing & toilet. Stay Alive Capicitors for smooth running in both cars.
  11. What do you mean by 'Spec' Charlie
  12. When bulk packs arrive from the factory they are in pre-formed plastic trays and spaced apart to stop this happening, its good practice to do the same and keep them apart, the manuracturers do !! Charlie (DCKits-Legomanbiffo Team)
  13. Thank you, and thanks to all our loyal customers & of course our new customers. Charlie
  14. This last two weeks has been rather exciting in 142 Pre-Orders and the tables have been turned on the most popular ones, the current rankings are: 1st: Northern Midnight Blue. 2nd: Provincial Blue & White 3rd: Skipper Chocolate & Cream 4th: GMPTE Orange PPS: People in Manchester 'must' be on Holiday !!!! Charlie
  15. Have a look at: http://www.farnhill.co.uk/History_Docs/Boyhood Memories from the 1950s.pdf https://rowleycollection.co.uk/photo.asp?pic_num=731 Charlie
  16. Thats quite simple really, people who know about railway would not make that error !!!!! So the conclusion must be: They dont know!!!! Very sad really. Charlie
  17. Its just like the good old days, Pacer Heaven !!!
  18. This is how it 'seems' better than the old Hornby model !!!!!
  19. Detailed CAD drawings: Class 142-1 Late Doors
  20. The model in question is an early loco, with the pins the wrong way round, this is not the issue. The first ESU decoder with the loco was returned, and after testing the sound had failed. A new decoder from the same ESU batch was fitted by me with 2 X 8Ohms speakers, on testing this to my ears seemed OK, , the volume was quite high to highlight some of the non diesel features when it was running in Electric mode. We are supplying a third decoder from a different batch to compare. The Decoder is set up to correct the lighting issue in these early models. Charlie (Legomanbiffo Team)
  21. What are the date of Leeds this year ???????
  22. The decoder with the new file & sealed speaker worked perfectly here. It has to be either the old Trix system you have OR operator Error !!! You need to buy something simple if you are not DCC savvy. Charlie
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