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  1. Heading south today for the Brighton MRC exhibition.

  2. It can stop raining now, I’ve had enough.

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    2. Matt


      Noooo - rain = modelling time, dry = gardening time...


    3. jonny777


      Oh dear. I might have to rediscover the mower, just to decapitate the weeds.

    4. Mad McCann

      Mad McCann

      Well, everything needed a good drink. It’ll get plenty this week!

  3. Heading south today for the Brighton MRC Exhibition.

    1. Regularity


      In which case, you might get a peerage... ;)

  4. Icing cakes for the Brighton MRC exhibition tomorrow....getting a bit of spoon licking in!

  5. Brighton MRC secondhand model railway sale Saturday from 1000 at the clubrooms.

  6. Today I will mostly be drinking beer. Retirees reunion none of us over 60 and we've only been gone a few weeks. Hic!

    1. Tim Dubya

      Tim Dubya

      I like you style!

  7. Snowing in Brighton oh dear a day in models making!

    1. RJS1977


      Oh dear.How sad.Never mind.

  8. My last 12hr shift on a Saturday at work before I take early retirement.

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    2. Judge Dread

      Judge Dread

      Well done, welcome to the club. If you don't have one, go out and buy a shed (not a 66!).

    3. Mike 84C

      Mike 84C

      Congratulations!May models never stop rolling from the shed that you are going to buy! make it a big one. BUt remember there is no time off for good behaviour. Enjoy!

    4. bgman


      Reiterate all the above, I certainly haven't regretted one single moment ! Enjoy :)

  9. 93F in the back garden and shade temp!

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    2. Metr0Land


      Celsius is useless for weather. F is related to body temp and much more useful

    3. Londontram


      93F which shed code was that?

    4. Metr0Land


      Wasn't 93F a Western shed at Hotnes?

  10. NYMR Diesel Gala Clag fest tomorrow

    1. Lord Flashheart

      Lord Flashheart

      Yes I'll be there.

  11. Back to work tomorrow after a nice long weekend off.

  12. 100 years of Southdown, Lewes bus rally today, highly enjoyable.

  13. Reading Raising Steam. The Ankh-Morpork and Sto Plains Hygenic Railway could be a great idea for a model.

    1. petethemole


      Mrs Bradshaw's Guide provides loads of additional information that may help in choosing a location or section of the route; with maps...

    2. James Harrison

      James Harrison

      I'm reading it too. If I were to model it I suspect Harry King's yards would be the bit I chose.


  14. Snowing in Brighton

    1. Sasquatch


      Mayhem in the morning then!

  15. Given blood today, shame they no longer have Ritz cheese cracker....still Seabrooks cheese and onion crisps are a good substitute.

    1. eastwestdivide


      Bourbon biscuits when I last went. Luxury.

    2. nickwood


      I recall getting a half pint of Guinness back in the 70s

    3. Ozexpatriate


      "Guinness is good for you"

  16. Happy New Year......child's karaoke next door is just starting up!!!

    1. MarkC


      Time to fire up some heavy metal then...

  17. Merry Christmas everyone

  18. Merry Christmas everyone

  19. Another 3 weeks on crutches but at least I can put my left foot down.....progress at last.

  20. Another 3 weeks on crutches but at least I can put my left foot down.....progress at last.

  21. Off work and on crutches for 4 weeks....what shall I do!

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    2. Platform 6

      Platform 6

      Sorry to hear that. Just dislocated and fractured my little finger. Check your foot is pointing the right way - my finger wasn't lol! :)

    3. eastwestdivide
    4. BoD
  22. Brighton MRC show this weekend

  23. Brighton MRC show this weekend

    1. John M Upton

      John M Upton

      If coming by train its rail replacement buses Worthing to Brighton on Saturday and Littlehampton to Brighton on Sunday. :-(

  24. Brighton MRC show this weekend

  25. Brighton MRC show this weekend

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