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  1. Yorkshire NGS meeting tomorrow so I hope to get some work done on one of the buildings then. Might take some stock for weathering too. I also have the two class 47s to renumber and modify too……..no shortage of things to do there.
  2. We’ve just had a restock today of the Provincial and Northern 150s after selling out.
  3. Thank you Mike…I’ve added my two penny’s worth…and agreed with your suggestions….and several others.
  4. Good idea, the only issue with that is the lack of any new N gauge models from them. The most common body was the Plaxton panorama that has already been produce by Oxford…..a Duple Viceroy would be a different body shape for them.
  5. Yes that’s also on the BECG website https://becg.org.uk/projects/southern-television/ I wish Oxford would do a VAL in 1/148.
  6. To go with my Kensington Olympia layout I was looking for an TV station vehicle and came across this Vehicle built for ABC TV and then went to Thames TV when it won the ITV franchise. The real vehicle is built on a Bedford VAL coach chassis. Other than the wheel, tyres and axles ( from DM Toys in Germany ) its completely scratchbuilt.
  7. Needs black tidying up a bit…close ups are cruel.
  8. Well it’s finished….might add rear view mirrors….maybe.
  9. Yes, but I won’t need to thankfully.
  10. Well overnight the decals have settled down enough for me to carry on with the other side. Phew!
  11. These decals are causing me some aggro….second set printed OK and have been sealed but are being a right b*gger to mount. They keep rolling and won’t adhere properly even with help from Decalfix. They even started to crinkle before the Decalfix was added. Not sure what’s causing this, I might have to get some fresh paper.
  12. With apologies to Reggie Perrins B.I.L. Bit of a cock up on the catering front.…….The Thames TV decals had printed out the wrong size and were too big for the lorry, so I’ve had to redo them this morning….just waiting for the varnish to dry.
  13. Another 1960s vehicle from RedAndy…..a Volvo P120. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/60s-70-s-N-gauge-3D-Printed-Volvo-P120-Amazon-Primed-for-personal-finish-/165334251565?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  14. It’s been too wet today to spray the decals outside and with the car in the garage that was out of bounds too. Hopefully they’ll get sprayed tomorrow so that they can be applied later in the day.
  15. Hopefully you won’t have a puddle.
  16. Ha ha…sorry I didn’t spot you….it was so busy around the layouts. far to many people…I like an empty show
  17. No…but the OO range is larger so I’m sure they do them, whether they had any there is a different matter.
  18. I only brought some more Hunt magnetic couplers, they didn’t have any of the buckeye versions which I really wanted but these will get some stock converted.
  19. Engineering work meant that the ECML was shut between York and Newcastle! It’s a four track railway to Darlington…….but buses from York! Had an almost seamless journey from Haxby with the bus making a nice connection at York station. The exhibition was very very busy, shuttle bus from Doncaster station was once again a case of guess where it is, no signs. Coming home missed a train at Doncaster by a minute had an hour to wait then delayed waiting a platform at York with a XC and another LNER cruising past us. Due to the delay missed a bus home by seconds….hey ho. Anyway enough of my moans here’s some pictures. Bluebell Summit was excellent……..a bit like Ronnie Corbett……much smaller in real life than it looks on RMweb.
  20. Off to Doncaster this morning…….47614 and 47593 working a Scarborough to Appleby Statesman rail charter.
  21. The Thames TV brick has had its base coats of paint. Decals have been printed, just need sealing prior to attaching. The next stage will be to fit the windows and pick out the grills and indicators etc.
  22. If anyone is having problems sourcing an APT, Monk Bar Modelshop in York have one of each left, plus plenty of coach packs.
  23. The two class 150s, Mk1 BGs and Mk2s in stock at Monk Bar Modelshop in York along with the freight stock.
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