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  1. Yes pretty similar to this one. Rendered panels painted in a light colour, and slightly less weathered, but not by much.
  2. No, only the Westerns (and not all of them) were fitted with the necessary equipment to operate train air brakes. The BR Coaching Stock group on groups.io has much information on formations used on all regions.
  3. Yes I did mean D7661 was the other one in BSYP livery, though I must admit I had not clocked all the differences before. Both D7660 and D7661 were BFYE by June 1970. https://www.rail-online.co.uk/p870790610/h99ea5443#h99ea5443 https://www.rail-online.co.uk/p870790610/h9e305d36#h9e305d36
  4. Yes it is, one of two so painted. New in late-1966, lasted about 3.5 years until repainted. Late bodystyle non-boilered though.
  5. A further factor with 25057 is that the doors were sealed over when it was dual-braked in late 1974, so it's not just a headcode and number change. A respray of D5225 might be easier.
  6. No it's not, but 25057 is xb with the altered side vents on one side. Not so many of those pre-1974 - in fact none. When there's 11 of the blighters, you might think there would be one to cover the 5 year gap in the middle. It's a common occurance.
  7. Perhaps they were going for this? 🫢
  8. ah-ha! 3V09 for 25155 in 1975. Rather than BV09! So maybe from the 1974-1975 period when it was at CF or BR.
  9. A reasonable selection, but rather too many examples to my mind, from small batches of 2, 4 or 5, or pure one-offs, rather than covering the bread and butter examples. None from the 1971 to 1975 era it seems, and no unweathered domino era blue, or plain green full yellow ends. 7 from the later bodystyle, 4 from the early bodystyle. I've yet to work out the date range for 25155. It appears the tooling may not cover the 62 examples of 25/2 and 25/3 that had the boiler room grille replaced by sheet metal (as opposed to a cover).
  10. Don't see why not, they were in very similar condition between 1976-79. From 1980 they both acquired the Glasgow Works bodyside numbers and domino headcode.
  11. D7660 was delivered in BSYP in Dec 1966, it was in standard BFYE by June 1970.
  12. A post by mark54 on the thread linked above says the AB - KX fish train ended on 5 Jan 1976. I must have missed that at the time!
  13. Yes that was my understanding too, the fish vans went back on the 'Scotch Goods' 6S64. I haven't been able to tie the last workings down exactly, but with headcodes not being displayed from Jan 1976, identification is a little harder. I have seen one photo which suggest that fish traffic continued in freightliner containers for a period.
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