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  1. Not surprised at all, having been responsible as a Controller for agreeing and arranging many such moves with Signallers; But in all cases these would have been a short distance back to a station platform where passengers could detrain. Running a passenger train for 16 miles in the wrong direction with neither bi-directional signalling in place nor single line working instituted is a very different thing, and even when the section concerned was under the control of the same Signaller this did not, ever, happen during my time; The only exception being when, for example a train had failed on the WCML and a wrong direction move between the nearest crossovers was agreed to get an assisting loco to the front of the failure.
  2. Would that move, for a passenger train, have been possible without instituting full Single Line Working, ie with a Pilotman? And if it was, would the Signaller not have suggested it to Control (although maybe they did)?
  3. The cable suspension bridges holding up the catenary are headspans, and while they are used in the UK they have the disadvantage that a failure can affect multiple tracks, rather than just one with independent (or more robust as per the GWML) overhead line supports. BTW thanks for your interesting and amusing travelogue!
  4. The walk from Partick station to the Riverside Museum is not far, just go under the railway and head for the river! I would say 10 minutes, 15 at most. If travelling by train from Central Low Level, the Museum is visible approaching Partick. The only issue is a busy road to cross.
  5. There are Up and Down Passenger Loops at Quintinshill too, which are also in Scotland albeit signalled from England!
  6. That is absolutely something not to miss! Last year I took the driverless bus from Edinburgh Park over the Forth Road bridge, with great views to either side of the Forth Bridge and the Queensferry Crossing, to Ferry Toll Park & Ride, local bus to Inverkeithing and train back to Edinburgh; Perhaps too time-consuming however.
  7. I'm not sure whether revenue earning freight was still dealt with at Beattock in 1974, so it occurs to me that perhaps a wagon was being detached due to a defect, maybe after activating a Hot Axle Box Detector (there is one on the Down line at Murthat, south of Beattock).
  8. At Edinburgh on Thursday morning passengers for Birmingham and beyond were certainly being advised to use Cross Country (XC) trains via the ECML, which had the unfortunate result of making those services even more crowded than normal; But at least people were moving. There was however subsequent disruption to XC after a report of an unexploded bomb near Sheffield. And at Newcastle passengers for Carlisle were alighting from LNER services from Kings X to travel onward by Northern, although that route was affected by flooding resulting in cancellations. Just a day to stay in the house!
  9. Every time an incident blocked one line of the WCML (in Scotland in my case) at the subsequent review/blame session I moaned/pointed out that bi-directional signalling would give massive savings in delays and costs to the railway; Not that it ever made any difference. It might have though had someone sat down and assessed the impact of every such blockage. Even before I retired Single Line Working, immensely disruptive as it is anyway, was becoming harder and more time-consuming to organise thanks to the lack of staff, such as PW passed out for Handsignaller duties.
  10. The subway doesn't serve Glasgow Central directly, although St Enoch and Buchanan Street stations are not far away.
  11. That depends on where one is travelling from! St Pancras is also the terminus for one of the main lines from the north, is immediately adjacent to another at Kings Cross, and is within walking distance of the third at Euston. And having travelled on Eurostar from both terminals, starting from Oxford, St Pancras is no more awkward to get to than Waterloo, and actually faster, given the slowness of the Reading/Waterloo route.
  12. Staff (suitably trained!) can and do remove objects from live overheads, including 25kV, with insulated poles.
  13. No, and that is a fair point; My time at Norden, Swanage and Corfe Castle was primarily of railway, rather than general, interest! However I could have spent longer in the area, had it not been for the Oxford/Didcot issue which meant I left earlier than might otherwise have been the case (although it didn't do me much good as I was then delayed around 90 minutes at Basingstoke due to a person on the track).
  14. Not sure I would agree; Last year I had a very enjoyable day out on the Swanage Railway, travelling from Oxford, when the line to Didcot was closed, meaning a bus journey at the start and end of the day. I took the DMU to Norden, alighted there and then rode behind 31806 to Swanage and back to Corfe Castle, alighting there for the DMU on to Wareham. It did help that it was a lovely sunny day however! Unfortunately the cost of operating over the main line to Wareham was not covered by passenger numbers.
  15. As far as underbridges are concerned, yes, but there have been plenty of strikes on overbridges where a car has knocked the parapet onto the track.
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