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Hornby R2815 School Renumbering


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On 23/08/2020 at 19:44, barrymx5 said:

I intend to renumber one of my Schools Class as 917 Ardingly. Of the possible donors, 902 Wellington seems to be closest. I have consulted the Peter Swift book and it looks to be a simple renumbering and new name plate from Fox.
But this class seems to be a minefield so I thought I would see if the knowledgeable folk on this site know something I have missed. You can be brutal because I am a complete novice at name changes!


With TMC offering R3458 No 921 Shrewsbury at £96.60, I too had thought to rename/renumber as No 917 Ardingly - reading through the thread, the cab-side windows are lower and she has the Lemetaire blast pipe/large diameter chimney also, but would be grateful for advice around the tender?  Referring to @PJT's post I would hazard a guess it's incorrect, comparing the positioning of the toolboxes to R2827 No 925 Cheltenham?


The best picture I can find of Ardingly is inconclusive (in my eyes, anyway!)...


1962: A 'Schools' at New Milton


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30917 has the higher windows. Seems to be a bit of confusion in the thread.


The first ten had windows that were on the bend line. The rest had them higher up. 


Best photo I can find to illustrate it is this one. Notice the cab and tender line.




Whereas the later ones had the window higher such as here.






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