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N gauge BBA


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In Model Rail this month there is a review of the OO gauge BBA and at the end of the article it states that an N gauge version is in development, I thought that Cavalex had costed out N gauge models and said they weren't viable. Can anyone comment as to what is the case, should I get my hopes up?



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Good afternoon JP,


We can confirm that N gauge is very much on our radar for the future.

From day one our plan has always been to release our OO gauge products in N gauge subject to there being the demand and support for the project. As far as we are concerned, nothing has changed on that front!


Over the past year our focus has very much been on developing our OO gauge range in order to grow the Cavalex brand and get more exposure to the wider model railway community. We hope to have some N gauge news soon.


Hope that helps.


I know someone at Cavalex that has a casual interest in N gauge so would like to see all of these wagons passing through BoT!! @RBE

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