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  1. The WHWW couplings for the O&K inner wagons could possibly be 'our friend' es grüßt pc
  2. RBR hopefully not RB, so that it can run with the MK2Fs and Dapol MK3s. No BlueGrey version in 00 is on offer. es grüßt pc
  3. Now showing in the Rails Website es grüßt pc https://railsofsheffield.com/collections/n-gauge-wagons-freight?tags_brand_td93xydblb7cxukrqni65zsz=Revolution-Trains&q=Cartic
  4. There is a photo of 90036 on Flickr with Railfreight Distribution in yellow lettering. Would that have being due to fading? es grüßt pc
  5. The 455 would allow a 317 as well. There are a few "families" which allow multiple versions. Maybe the 304/305/308 and 504 classes would have a chance, many areas covered and that across 3 decades. As always if there is demand, it would make sense es grüßt pc
  6. I know which ones I would like shrunk, and would be very happy if that were to happen. What we may see will of course depend on how Accurascale calculate the profitability of the project es grüßt pc
  7. New clip in YouTube from Western Signalman. Worth checking out es grüßt pc
  8. Rails and Farish have it down for Nov/Dec 2024 es grüßt pc
  9. To me the most obvious error is the positioning of the multiple working cables on the refurbished version (on the left of the cab face), which was correct on the original version. It was called out before the model was released, but possible that the project was too far along to change it. es grüßt pc
  10. I really do hope this is successful, that the various cable ports/connectors are the correct size and in the correct cab position. I have quite a few on pre-order and do not wish to cancel because of "unforced errors". Here's to an accurate model es grüßt pc
  11. BR Lines provide (basic) interiors for Farish MK3 and MK2. I fitted them to my IC and GNER MK3s and Virgin MK2s which not only makes the coaches heavier, but stops them being see through. The buffers also need to be snipped off in order that any type of close coupling is possible. es grüßt pc
  12. Hallo, Only one freight service in this clip, tankers with a ferry wagon, hope it gives you some Inspiration es grüßt pc https://youtu.be/YXWs5nrw0Vg?si=T4ngG0_ceORVl6DI
  13. Don't forget Revolution are doing a Class120 es grüßt pc
  14. Will it have a variable name? Unter der Glasplatte Unter den Untertassen Unter den Weingläsern Unter dem Herrengedeck Unter den Bierdeckeln and if the model totally fails your expectations Unter aller Sau es grüßt pc 🤗
  15. Accurascale gave strong hints last year that the MK2B and/or MK2C are to be shrunk. I would love to see a MK2D BFK, but unlikely it will be produced in N. I would not say no to the Bs and Cs es grüßt pc
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