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Across the Years (video)

Posted by Mikkel , in Videos, Gallery, The Bay 31 March 2011 · 1,211 views

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This 4 minute video spans the period 1867-1947 on The Farthing Layouts. These 4mm layouts are normally set in 1907, but occasional forays into earlier and later time periods has allowed for a bit of pragmatic "out of period" modelling and operation.

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Absolutely delightful Mikkel.
Captain Kernow
Mar 31 2011 19:42
Lovely stuff Mikkel, four minutes well-spent, and CTMK also thought it was wonderful!
Sidecar Racer
Mar 31 2011 20:15
Superb stuff , you really captured the old times with that sligthtly grainy
look and the fades in and out of colour .

And I loved the shots of the outside framed loco on the move , something about that type that appeals to me .
Mar 31 2011 20:54
'Delicious, Exquisite and Sublime'
Frankland Echo

'Masterful Filmmaking'
The Frankland Light Service
Thanks everyone, I think it's my good luck that there are probably very few real film critics on here :D .

I'm always amazed at how many aspects this hobby has. Although technological development may edge out some of them, it also introduces new ones I think (eg sharing via the web, film-making, DCC etc). Just imagine what a pro with some decent equipment could do in terms of model railway film making (OK, I amit that the profits would probably be meagre, not exactly Hollywood box office material :) ).

Sidecar Racer, I agree completely about the 1076 Buffalo class, they have a special appeal I think. There's a mouth watering one in progress on Nick's blog here: http://www.rmweb.co....-getting-there/
Apr 01 2011 11:58
Thanks Mikkel,

You really brightened my day. The video was great in concept. Many of the shots, expescially the stills are too short in my opinion. I think the same amount of content in 170%-200% of the length would have meant that more could be taken in. I felt sometimes like the images were flashing in front of me rather than me being able to look at them. If I could have played it more slowly, maybe -1.4x, I would have done.
Most enjoyable, Mikkel, though I agree it could have been longer. On the second time through I did hit the pause button several times, just to get a better look.

It was also great to see the Buffalo on the move. So far, I've only seen mine on the rollers but that's not the same as seeing one moving on track. Thanks for the plug for mine :D It's approaching the top of the pile again and, with the warmer weather, I'd like to get the painting finished soon...

Rich and Nick, thanks for those constructive comments. I was trying to keep the film short, and stylistically aimed for a little of the feel in that fantastic railway film "Snow" which also uses quick "cutting" to go with the music (no other comparison intended!) . But it seems I overdid it - lesson learnt! :)

Let's hope the weather will be good for painting the Buffalo Nick!

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