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Here we are back with the loco.


I have made the cylinders nand motion bracket. These are both detachable. I did try just having the motion bracket so, bit it needed the cylinder to come off to. I jst need to fit the coupling rods properly now, it is going to be very tight between the front pin and the connecting rod. Hopefully there will be room.

I have also started the ash pan assembly. I am having to add details here as the kit was very basic. I am totally unsure about what I will do with the brakes. They need to be removable as the pull rods go either side of the wheels.







I have to rethink the motor situation too. I was going to use a Slaters motor and gearbox but I feel loathed to butcher one side of it to insulate it. I may well go to a Roxey one where it is not the end of the world if I mess it up.


Back to the bench to mark out the next lot of brass extras and cut them out.

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