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I have had a couple of good sessions with the loco body.

The main construction is now complete, and the detailing will not take too long, I hope, there are no handrails as such so that should ease things a little. I have noticed in pictures of Watersmeet, it seems to have something like a handrail on the smoke deflectors. Which I have not added as yet. Any ideas to what it is?

The cab soldered to the main body ok I think it looks like it should although I feel there is room for improvement. The white metal castings for the chimney, whistle and safety valve housings all fitted nicely. A few bits of brass were added to make the sand filler covers and fully enclose the safety valves. The foot plate was then added which tightened every thing up nicely. It was then down to the smoke deflectors which I found a little fiddly, but look so much better with the beading added. As you can see it needs a good clean, but here I tend not to worry about it looking bright as the humity tarnishes it over night.










I have altered the lifting eyes on the tender as sugested, I must agree they do look better. I now have a pair in the spares box. After what seemed ages I got enough info to the briquette feeder lid. Again I think it has come looking ok, but I will let you all be the judges of that.




Now unfortunatly I have to get on with the chassis, which I have not been looking forward too, suppose that is why I have been delaying it as long as posible.

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Hello Peter, looking good, but its not an easy loco to do, (talking through experience), a nightmare in fact, the bits you are talking about with the deflectors are l think brackets to hold things like the golden arrow bits and bobs, and other named routes Devon belle etc, she was on, as l say l think ? good luck with the chassis, another nightmare.........



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Tender looks spot on ;)


By looking at pictures of the class in their 'Original' Airsmooth style, it's not a handrail as such, but a mounting strip to hold the side plates for the Devon Belle Express service and by the looks of it they were only fitted to those locos that ran the service. Which I believe Watersmeet did

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Thanks guys.

Looking again I can see you are right about them being brackets on the smoke deflectors.


George, if I had any hair left this is one that would of made me pull it out.

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