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Here we are after weeks of not doing anything, well not modelling wise. I have managed to spend a while at my new bench and managed a few bits and bobs, which included finishing the lining on Watersmeet, there are a few bits of tidying up to do and then the transfers can go on. Then hopefully there will be a nice day with less humidity so I can varnish it.


I have also got the wheels and chassis back together on the tender, just a few little bits and then that is done, it also needs a good wash as it got rained on, I was not quick enough closing windows the other day. It can be a nightmare as it is the only place I have ever been where rain can come in windows on the 4 sides of the house at the same time.


The drivers have been fitted abd the horn blocks wired up ready for conecting to the motor. still need to sort the bogie and pony, although the latter is resting in place for these photos.


Well hopefully it will pass muster. I sure you all will let me know if I have got it wrong. I am still waiting for the name plates and they have not yet been dispatched. I am hoping I can get them to my daughter and she can bring them in 2 weeks.






I have also done a little on the hall, I have the tender ready for the grean paint, the black has already been done, sorry no photo of that only cos it is in a box and I cant remember which one.


The chassis for it has been finished and waits for the top.



As an aside I got litterally loads of sockets fitted in the house, probably far more than I will ever need. This is because I hate having adapters pluged in and plugs sticking out in all directions.

So what happens, we need to buy lots of adapters as we have the latest sockets and the not so up to date plugs. Then of course we have a whole heap of British electrical items which need travel adapters.

3, plugs and adapters just to charge the bl**dy phone. Whats the saying about best laid plans!!!!!!


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