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A while since the last post, I am now reassembling the model. I have three and a half weeks to get it ready, This is just to save me postage as my daughter will be going home then.


I had one of those nice surprises, the chassis worked a dream as an 0-6-0. Trouble started when I put the motion bracket and cylinders on. Nothing moved not eve a twitch. Then I realised some idiot had not insulated them. A lovely dead short on a split chassis. A little work and it was all sorted, and now runs again.


The brake gear was next it was a treat to put back, the tops are held on by 12BA countersunk screws. I also works well because if the springs are not compressed the wheels do not go around, but there is no sticky points under normal use.


The bogie went back on with no problems my thoughts and design worked well. The pony is another story though. The pony cannot swing because of the pipes and injectors etc around it. So it is now held by two screws one fore and one aft. the aft one carries a spring to keep it on the rail it also allows it to rock. the front one is the original pivot point. It now relies purely on the end float of the wheel set, needless to say I had to take it apart and give it more. Working as a trailing wheel it was fine through a Peco point, but as a leading wheel it derailed everytime., Now just awaiting repainting, then the frames will be complete.


This is the parts for the bogie side control pressure.




This is the modified pony and parts.




Showing the two pony mounting points.




My name playes are with my daughter so will be here with me on tuesday. Then it is down to putting the transfers on and a nice coat of varnish. If I can only get a day of low humidity. I know it is warm here all year, but I do have just as much trouble with painting as I did in the UK.

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No retreat, no surrender.. this ones been a challenge for sure and it'll be spectacular when it's done no doubt

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It has been awkward, definatly not one for beginer, I am sure it would turn to some other hobby. It is almost there, another three weeks and it should be up for sale. I would like to try a Finney one, I am sure they must be a pleasure to do. But as they are out of my personal modelling time scale, I doubt that I will do one. This week will be the big week I think as I would like to get the body and tender varnished.

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