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We have had some success today. I tackled the ponies the front one is done and the rear one is almost there.


Needless to say the first one took most of the morning the other about half an hour so far. During the process I did come up with a way of making two springs that look the same. It also turned out to be as quick as making them the way I used to.


The Ponies are pretty basic, in this kit, whether the newer ones are different I do not know, this is what I had. The same for each end. As you can see not a lot to them. the casting for the springs is not so hot.







I made a top plate and then soldered the newly made springs between the top and bottom. I then added the front plate from the kit. and made an extension for the bottom with the guard irons on. I also made up some detail on the front plate very similar to the detail on the 2MT I built. It may not be totally correct but it looks better than nothing. There is only so much time I can allow for the build.







That's it till Monday.I am pleased with today's progress, The day started very poorly as I knock my box of 8BA screws onto the floor, so my weekend task is to sort out over 1000 screws in 20 sizes.



I must close the lid when not using them.

I must close the lid when not using them.

I must close the lid when not using them.

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Hello Peter i suppose you can now realistically say you have more than one screw loose !!!!!!!! : Not really meant to be funny Peter:

you will have fun picking them up !!!              

By the way the mogul is now running very good all ok on freight but she wont pull my 4 MTH coaches they are somewhat heavier ?? think a little weight is needed in the boiler :

but luv the beasty PETER thanks again for the loco:


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I did manage to sort the screws out I glad it was not the 10BA as I have loads more of them.


Glad the loco is running well. I do tend to leave them light for a few reasons. First the postage would be prohibitive, but the biggest problem it is almost impossible to get lead here, it is not used on rooves. It seems pointless paying postage on ballast two ways.

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