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After finishing the second pony on Friday. I spent the rest of my time sorting out most of the body etches. I had already done the side. But the rest needed the awful riveting redoing.



I needed to ease the frames for the ponies to swing properly along with a bit of adjustment to get the wheels in the right place. I just need to add wire spring to centralize and add a little downward pressure.







The bunker etches had no provision for rivet detail, so I thought as the tanks have so many it would look odd with a rivet free bunker so with a bit of photo searching I came up with this.




I rolled the boiler and smokebox. and with a little fettling they were tacked together, they will be joined properly when checked on the body and firebox.




I then started to attach the tanks to the footplates. Getting this right is a nightmare. The front is ok but you still need to get the footplate level with the bottom of the tank.


The rear footplate is located by the cab front. You then need to get the cab sides and footplate level from this. At the moment it is all tacked together until I do the bunker and check squareness etc on the frames.









I am pleased so far, and feel better now it is actually taking shape. I not sure if my parts from Laurie Griffin will get to me before I need them for finishing the job. He seems to of gone awol at the moment.


Hopefully tomorrows time at the bench will be just as productive.

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The Ivatt 2-6-2 tanks had one pony with spring side control and one with swing links. It didn't seem to matter which was leading, but having two ponies with the same suspension could lead to unstable running.

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Thanks Bill


I will have to have a look at some more photos. The rear one seems more elusive than the front.

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The footplate and tanks etchings look similar in methodology to the ones which the old Crownline 4mm conversion kit had.

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The footplate and tanks etchings look similar in methodology to the ones which the old Crownline 4mm conversion kit had.

It is a poor system. A one piece footplate with a folded step would of been better, at least there would not be any problems getting it straight. 

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