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I have gone back to the chassis. There is a lot of bits that needed to be added.


I fitted Laurie Griffins injectors and scratch built water filters. Once these were in place I could add the rear sandboxes and pipes.






It was then on with the front platform to which I added the front steps and hand rail. The two small oilers were also fitted aswell as the lamp irons. The front sanding pipe.






I think apart from the spring wires for ponies it is down to some white metal castings and then to the paint shop. Must remember the buffer bodies.



I have hat this fellow hanging around the garden, he must be getting used to me an know that I mean no harm as he comes to within a couple of feet of my workshop room.


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Progessing well Peter.


Any idea what the lizard is?

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Progessing well Peter. Any idea what the lizard is?


I am pleased with it, Has been a bit of a pain to build, some of which is me.


I do not I have asked SWMBO but her knowledge of wildlife can be written on the back of a stamp.


Exquisite detail!


I quite enjoy doing the detail. But with this loco it seems to go on forever.

Yes, and the model's not bad either!



I don't mine having wildlife in our garden even though it is quite small. The only thing I watch out for and try and keep out the house, are the spiders that are as big as your hand.

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