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Christmas Break



With the holiday period now upon us, many of North Leigh’s locomotives are now ‘on shed’. In the following photo can be seen my first ‘scratch build’ - a GWR ‘Queen’ class, with a ‘Stella’ 2-4-0 next in line. Disappearing out of view, the back of ‘Lord of the Isles’ can just be glimpsed, while on the front track is a Dean Goods, together with an early PBV.  (The 'back scene' is by Photoshop)



Locomotives ‘On Shed’


Looking back into Broad Gauge days, I remember a comment by Mikkel on my construction method in which I added 3D-printed cladding to a metal boiler – he wrote “Boiler then cladding, like watching a real loco being built”. After some searching, I found an old engraving of the Swindon Boiler Shop, with the boiler of my Gooch Goods being readied for the addition of the cladding


In the Boiler Shop


In many ways 2020 is a year best forgotten but the lock-down gave me plenty of time to practise using my 3D printer, to make a wide variety of models (both 'Standard' and Broad Gauge). True to form, my Armstrong Standard Goods still needs a number of finishing touches but I think it has captured the ‘look’ of the prototype quite well.



Armstrong Goods


I can only hope that 2021 will see the present restrictions being relaxed, although it will take some time. I also hope to have some more ideas for creating new types of models.  Perhaps I shall also find a few more Amy Wilcote paintings.


My best wishes to those who have followed my posts over the year and for the encouragement you have provided, which is much appreciated :)



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Happy Christmas Mike, and all the best for the New Year.  It is nice to see all your locos together.

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Mike ,


The shed scene is wonderful and the Armstrong Goods is looking very impressive.


Merry Christmas 



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Your locos capture all that pre-grouping GWR splendour so well, Mike - narrow and broad gauge both.


The Standard Goods is looking very good. I have always liked that "straight barrel" look, before the Belpaire nonsense entered the scene.


The engraving is a great find. I assume the 3D Printing Shop was next door? :)


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Many thanks for the kind comments.  i haven't done any new modelling for a while but I happened to have assembled some of my stock on top of the box that houses my layout so, with a little help from Photoshop, I turned it into a shed scene!  It was all a bit of armchair fun while sitting wondering what to try next :)

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