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Barry Railway B1 Class



1288248441_BarryClassB1.jpg.4bc15537879fe425d5370cbf90cb3779.jpgThis sketch is of the second B1 class which was originally designated B2. The first B1 class was based on the B class with an upgraded boiler and was merged into the B class when the originals also received the upgraded boiler. This B1 class had larger side tanks and a greater water capacity than the earlier locomotives.




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130334377_BarryClassB1-Std9.jpg.0bae6c3276f421288a9a07d434d058af.jpgA sketch of the Barry B1 in GWR days with a Standard 9 boiler. The Standard 9 was based on the P Class as used on the Dean Goods and many pannier tanks, but it had a considerably lengthened firebox. The GWR weight diagram shows three different figures for the front overhang on the B1 class, and this sketch, based on the GWR weight diagram, shows the longest alternative, whereas the sketch of the locomotive in Barry livery shows the shortest. B1s were built by four different builders for the Barry over a ten year period, and doubtless there were other minor variations.

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2 hours ago, Rhobat Bryn said:

Very nice sketches.  May I ask which livery you have used for the Barry Railway sketch?

Jus a vague approximation really. I don't have the patience to do lining (which is quite a PITA on vector drawings) and I think I grabbed a base shade from a colour photo of a model and hoped his research was adequate. The main thing is it doesn't look at all like GWR!

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