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Barry Railway G Class



This was an interesting one to draw too. The nicely drawn Barry weight diagram is dimensioned with a front overhang of 6ft 7in, but the drawing scales some 5 inches less! I've gone with the written dimension, which is the safer option with workshop drawings.




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  • RMweb Gold

Interesting it may have been, but I can't see a thing. :)

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  • RMweb Gold

Thanks Jim. Maybe not a classic beauty, but even so I think it's nicely balanced from an aesthetic point of view.

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It's interesting how the Barry rang the changes with various chassis and tanks around a basically standard boiler and I think cylinders, 0-6-0T, 0-6-2T, 0-6-0ST, 2-4-2T, 0-4-4T, but if only we had a record of why the CME decided on each config and of how they worked out. 

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