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Rhymney Railway J Class



This one might be the last for a while, because I get a little weary of doing too many of these sketches at a time.  This one owes a huge debt to the Welsh Railway Research Circle's excellent publication on the Rhymney,  Welsh Railway Records Volume 1, which was the source not only for the drawing I used as a foundation, but also provided some excellent photos. The sharp eyed who have the book might be able to see a number of (minor) areas where my interpretation of the photographs differed from my understanding of the drawing.


This was a tricky one to shade. Dark Brunswick Green, apparently, was the chosen colour of the Rhymney, so I found a "Dark Brunswick Green" reference on line and constructed a shading palette from that, but together with the thickish outline I use for these sketches the result is perhaps not as clear as it might be. I may have to think about that, but if I go paler it would be getting closer to GWR middle chrome green than I would really like.

I've always found these idiosyncratic outside frame locomotives rather appealing, and wish I had the skills to model one. It will be fun when I get on to the GWR rebuilt 0-6-2Ts with similar frames and pannier tanks.


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  • RMweb Gold

Very nice. Not a graceful class in the classic way, yet there's a certain balance to it. 

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