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Rhymney Railway S1 Class



These were essentially updates of the S class (qv), slightly longer and with larger bunkers, and based on A1 class 0-6-2T design features. They also had a slightly larger boiler with a Belpaire firebox. They were delivered in 1920 by Hudswell Clarke. They were numbered 604-606. Plans to reboiler them with Standard 10 boilers were never acted on, although one did receive an enlarged GWR style bunker. They did acquire GWR safety valves and covers and some additional tank fittings. They were renumbered 90-92 in the 1946 renumbering and were all withdrawn in 1954.
The S and even more the S1s were large and heavy for 0-6-0Ts. At 56 tons 8cwt and with 19tons 10cwt - the GWR red route limit - on two pairs of driving wheels they were heavier than their eventual successors, the GWR 94xx class. One may compare 46 tons 10cwt for the USATC tanks and 48tons 5cwt for the Riddles Austerities. 


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Bulky types! The GWR rebuild of these really transformed their appearance, as evident from comparison with your earlier post of the rebuilds.

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