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Cheddar P4 - October 2022 update



Good evening.

Well it's been a while hasn't it?

I had a fantastic weekend at the Portishead WCPR show last weekend which has certainly given the modelling mojo a bit of a boost.

This has come at the right time too, because after some 9 months in the new gaff, I've finally got to the stage where I could actually fish some bits out of their various storage boxes and put a couple of boards up in what I hope will be the 'layout workshop'. This will be somewhere I can have the boards up whilst I work on them in relative comfort.


These were the two that I was last working on at the back end of 2019 and at that time honestly didn't think it was going to be almost 3 years before I'd get a chance to work on them again. But happily, here we are again!


I'm happy to say that on first inspection at least, the boards seem to have survived their period in storage. Of course there are some things that haven't quite survived unscathed. The train shed roof seems to have picked up a slight warp. Not surprising when you consider it's 2ft long and a composite structure of metal, MDF and plastic. It should be easily fixed with some form of clamping.


The signal box has been placed for the first time on the layout. As it was built remotely, I deliberately didn't cut the leadaway out. It was covered anyway at Cheddar so that's good.


The goods shed has been plonked on too. As you can see I was in the process of terraforming the ground with a recess for all of the buildings to drop into.


The motor bus shed seems to have survived unscathed.


Heaven knows where the platform surfaces have gone though! They were cut from Palight. Thankfully I've still got the remains of the sheets they were cut from!


So, where to start? Maybe with the platforms and possible the yard crane.


These boards will take a fair bit of work to complete as I'll want to finish the signal box board before I can move to the Wells end of the station. The station master's house will also have to be built at some point. Don't know where the mock up for that ended up either!


So, hopefully updates will be posted more regularly from here. Hope so, because January will be the 10th anniversary of me starting its construction. Ouch!















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Some cheeses age well, Cheddar is one of them.


Glad to see that view under the station roof again, you'll have to put a camera in there so onlookers can follow the action inside 🙂

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