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Two steps forward and one back. Made a start on the body work. Goes together quite nicely. All well and good.

Then the smokebox. The instructions did not prepare me for the hassles to come. 'Roll wrapper and fit to boiler. Apply outer wrapper'. OK so I was supposed to prepare the whole thing dry and apply heat. I just about managed to do this with the aid of the RSU on warp 9 and some choice expletives, but the results are not brilliant. The thickness of the boiler tube didn't help. The smell of burnt flesh and wood has just about dissipated from the modelling room. All of this is somewhat irrelevant as I've found the boiler tube won't fit between the side tanks anyway.angry.gif


Mark 2 will comprise getting hold of some smaller 21/32" tube and making my own thinner wrapper. If I can't reuse the outer wrapper I'll make another with the riveting press.



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I had the same issues with soldering the smokebox wrapper on my Gibson Y14. It needed the same method as well, with the RSU cranked up. I effectively spot-welded it into place, then used a conventional iron to run a seam around the front and back edges.


The use of a brass tube avoids the need to roll boilers by hand, but it does bring complications of its own.

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I do wonder if kit designers test build their products some times! You'd think that the supplied tube would fit between the tanks...

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A couple of things here - this is now a very old, and not awfully well designed kit with poor instructions. Not an excuse, but fact. I've built one and would not recommend it (I've talked with Andrew on this subject). I dimly recall that I had the same issue which needed a bit, ok, much filing - I eventually cut away much of the boiler - it's only a little bit too big isn't it?



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It was certainly a surprise. I suppose I've been spoilt by building Chris Gibbons' High Level kits where everything works and fits. I'm not that disappointed though. For me, this project is all about clearing the earliest kit I've got in the modelling cupboard. OK, so the the Kernow one will probably be better and the kit itself lacks the refinement you get from newer ones, but it's a test of my modelling abilities. I shudder to think what effect this would have had on me if I had tried to build it when I first bought it. I didn't have the skills or knowledge required. It may yet turn out to be a bag of spanners but I'm enjoying the challenge so far.

I still have the mixed traffic lining to think about!

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