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coombe junction - moorswater - 37207 William Cookworthy and chums...





Good evening,


Was hoping to continue with the roof cladding this week but realised I had used up all my supplies of the Evergreen sheeting so will have to wait until next week now :angry:


Work has been progressing on 4 no class 37's required for the layout. Two of which will feature in the 80's period of running and the other two perhaps only making guest appearances as they fall outside my chosen time period.


It's a sign of old age creeping in when you need to label each loco with a strip of masking tape to prevent mixing them up :rolleyes:




In general, the locos are RTR Bachfar or Farbach (delete as appropriate) and they have had their wheels turned down by the Association service, and the bodies lowered as noted in a previous blog. It certainly looks a lot better lowered.


Warning: Please note the decals applied are waterslide and I am aware that the coating is apparent in the photos. The photos actually make it look worse than it actually is, but I would appreciate any advice how to try and remedy this. Is it a coating of Klear varnish on top, prior to weathering?


First up is 37142. This was a regular to the branch and I had already begun work on this in an earlier blog. It has now been renumbered accordingly but still requires a DG coupling on the less detailed end and of course weathering.




Second up is 37135. Another regular, and this one sported snowploughs in its time, as I wanted at least one of the 37's to have ploughs. The headcode should be black but I haven't found a way of doing it yet on the loco as it will require some super accurate painting and masking. Again, DG's to be fitted and weathering to boot.




Thirdly, a favourite of the area, 37207 William Cookworthy complete with Cornish Railway front end decals, Lizard and nameplate. It should look something like

this when complete. I haven't done the red buffer beam as it got pretty filthy and I would like to try and capture the marker dots on the front, but I haven't found a solution for this yet. DG's and weathering to come...




Lastly, 37175 although this needs the most work as it will be in Large Logo livery after its transfer from Eastfield To Laira. At present, I have begun the lowering process but not the respray as the weather needs to settle down here a little.


Finally, a group shot of them at Coombe Junction, which whilst ever unlikely to have happened...I couldn't resist :D




That's all for the mo....



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Looking good so far Pete - even if they are diesels - and blue at that...:P


Am I right in assuming that only 142 has been lowered at this point? If so, are you going to detail how you actually did this on the other 3?


Of course this isn't for me you understand, but I have a friend who happens to have 37 that needs a bit of TLC...;)

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I am getting a feeling you like class 37 diesels Pete, dont know why and at least if you go DCC, reconising which engine is which should be a little easier ;)


As for the carrier film issue I would suggest putting a blob of klear onto the area you want to stick the transfer then applying the transfer to it, once in position remove the excess klear and once dry add a final coat of klear on top. Sorry its come a little late but I have never had any problems with that method.


M. :)

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Pete... looking good. Noting Missy's comment, I'd try a coat of Klear over the top to see if that blends it in first - if it doesn't then yes, maybe you might need to lift and repeat. I usually end up with a little film visible but find that a coat of varnish seals and hides alot... then you can weather to your heart's content.

So you really are a tractor fan then... hey ho... no accounting for taste (only joking)... they are EE machines after all ;) ... the ultimate baby deltic - it just needs that 1700hp 18-Cylinder version of the two-stroke added B) ... ok, so it was only a 1957 proposal and I guess the 4-stroke one has been quite successful.... must get my split headcode one on to the workbench.

Large logo --- always a splendid livery on these machines!

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Steve - Thanks - Remember I am going to have a green 37 too...for when I recreate this train...on hand to assist the struggling Pannier tank of course :P


In terms of the lowering, sure - I touched on it in 37142 Part III (in my index) but I will do a separate entry with a step by step...


Missy - Thanks also - Yep, I sort of like them, but seeing as how it was only class 25 and 37's on the line, I have to like them....but they do look good on clay trains.


Thanks for the tip re the Klear varnish - I managed to import some from the UK which arrived only yesterday, so I will try that...perhaps Jon's method first and if not, completely redo them.


Jon - Thank you too - Will try that method as above - then I need to read up on your blog again before I try my hand at weathering.


We will have to agree to differ on the class 55 v 37 debate...but agree that the Large Logo livery was splendid. The 37 I used on KIAB was a Bachfar Large logo but it's the old bodyshell which means its the wrong length...


Don - Thanks - Only one more 37 to represent some sort of Steam/Diesel Special as featured on the line last year. Of course, far too many locos for the size of this layout...and I haven't even started on the ones that will be seen on top of the viaduct!


Ian - Thank you - Being limited to only class 25 and 37's for my chosen era, I thought I would try and have a little diversity. There will be two class 25's too...when Bachfar finally get around to retooling it....

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For the black headcode can I suggest painting a piece of waterslide decal black and then cutting to size? All you have to do is position it in the right place, much easier than trying to paint it in situ.

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Thanks to respond on that Missy - Technology not being one of my strongpoints...am still wrestling with multiquote :rolleyes:


Ian - Nice idea...will try that - many thanks!

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Being limited to only class 25 and 37's for my chosen era, I thought I would try and have a little diversity. There will be two class 25's too...when Bachfar finally get around to retooling it....




Just been look at the Farish site and they have a version of the existing 25 listed for release this spring so I guess that we won't see the 25 upgraded this year. They also have all the GW tanks listed for delivery at the same time so again no upgrades of some of the oldest models in the range. sad.gif



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so again no upgrades of some of the oldest models in the range. sad.gif


Agreed :(


Whilst I understand they want to push some new models, you would have thought that the upgrades would have been high on the list too. Look how long it's taken to get the 101 DMU retooled...mind you...it does look rather more tasty now :D

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The reason for the silvering effect under the transfer is that air has been trapped. The best course of action would be to remove them. Apply Klear as Missy said then put new transfers on. I wouldn't think you would be able to correct this by just applying Klear over the top.

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If you don't want to re-do the transfers get yourself a bottle of Microscale Micro Sol. It's a decal softening solution for using over irregular surfaces (like grilles or panel lines) but it can also be used in cases like this...


Apply a little to the transfer with a brush - leave about 15 seconds and blot (with a non-shedding piece of cloth, like kitchen roll) by pushing down hard. Repeat until you're happy. Be warned, the Microsol is disolving the carrier so if you leave it too long before blotting, or apply a twist in your pressure you can damage the transfer.

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Paul - Okay - I had best get some more on order then ;)


James - Before I place that order....perhaps I should give this a try...am a bit worried about the 37 body as I totaled one last year for Kyle using nail polish removal wipes on it :angry:


Thanks for your helpful comments guys.

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