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blog-0756587001327185442.jpgFirstly I would like to say I have no idea of the copyright of this drawing, I would like to thank whoever for a very useful drawing,


I was going to wait until the 1076 class was completly finished, but I can't, I got out my Ace Models kit of LBSCR's A1/A1x class. This was just to get myself acquainted with the kit. These kits are quite basic by todays standard but for the price they make up into respectable locomotives. I have made a couple of kits from Ace, and the ones I have done fitted together quite well.


I am not going to build this as an Isle of Wight or Hayling Island version that seems to be the norm. Mine will be SR No 735, which was one of a pair sold to the LSWR. The other wasNo 734. I will be modelling mine with the Drummond boiler along with the safety valves in the dome, and a stove pipe chimney.


I will assemble this with slaters sprung hornblocks, I would like to try ball races but I think I should wait until I get into my new workshop. I have also thought about CSB suspension, but I can't get my head around the conversion of the calculations from 4mm to 7mm, also do not understand how you can work out wire diameter until you have the loco finished and weighed. But thatis a different story.


I have checked it all, the kit seems to be Ok I have a rough plan in my head. The only thing I really need to work out is how to make the chimney with out my lathe? The Dome looks like it might convert from the A1 one, if not I have a few Drummond domes about.

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You clearly have a great taste in locos! Looking forward to seeing this one.

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Thanks, I am glad you think so. I have liked this version since I saw it in a book years ago. The trouble isI bought this with the intension of selling to finance some other modelling, but if it turns out really good I might want to keep it.

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Hi Peter, I had a good look through your blog tonight. There are some excellent stuff on here I will look forward to seeing you progress with the workshop.

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Hi Rob

Glad you like it. I hope I can keep up the standard. I am just hoping I measure up to the standards set by all other modellers.

As you can see I want to try and get some lighthearted none railway items in.

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