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Thoughts of models



It always amazes me how even when I am away from my model bench. Even when on holiday my mined often turns to problems that need to be solved at the bench. It would in its self not be a bad thing, but why midnight, why not while I was sat in the car for four hours. Whether the thoughts of food stopped my brain from side tracking or maybe it was thinking of a way to get the driver to stop on the way back for me to a photo or two of some mixed gauge line I had seen. I had a picture in my mind of someone from the land of samba, football and carnival, not really understanding a strange Englishman wanting to photograph three paralel lenghts of steel!!


So here am I trying to work out the finer details and fit of the boiler on No 735. but having to picture everything in my head as my bench and the model are over 2500 km away. I can do nothing to check any of my theories so why do they persist. So far tonight I have manged to solve the problem of the smokebox fixing which is good as it will not need to be soldered to either the boiler or the footplate. The boiler also now fits neatly under the side tanks. Also I have managed to remember how I saw to sprung buffers were converted to being self contained. Otherwise I would of had to cut out the footplate to allow the tail and nut somewhere to go.


The best thing I have realised about all this going on inside my head, will be that by the time I get back home to Belem, I will find a painted and lined out model waiting for me. With that tought I am going to see if I can do some sleeping and real dreaming.

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Maybe it's because thoughts of models (railway ones, I mean!) are a nice distraction? And then sometimes it can even become an escape, or a slight obsession even.


Hope you had/are having a good trip to Sao Paulo, and that you managed to stop the driver for the photos :-)

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The trip here is very good. I unfortunatly will not be coming home with a compressor. I found one for about £200 but the same thing in UK is about £60 so even with carriage and our 60 percent import duty is still cheaper.

As for getting the photos I missed the chance as we came back a different way. I did get a few pictures of the preserved line in SP itself. It must be really hard for these guys, as it is difficult in the UK to get the finance and help. Here there is very little sense of history and the drive for modern is imense.


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