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Just as a little distraction. I decided to construct some wagons. The first is part of this block. The reason being is that sometime in the near future when we get into our house I want to play trains, you know the sort of thing build a layout etc. I thought that if I had some stock, it would give me the push I need



Having decided that I will build a loco for myself my thinking was that I ought also have something for it to haul. As the choice of the my first self build will either be a kit superheated 700 class or a scratch built 0395 class if I can organise it before the time comes. As they are both goods engines, wagons are called for. Having a look at my stock of unbuilt kits, the thing to do was build a few LSWR/SR ones, then when I get painting again it will be a simple job as the liveries are the same.



So to the first to the wagon store. Something simple a Parkside SR 8 plank to dia 1379, fitted the bill perfectly. The season being I do not have to get loads of tools out, worse have to put away every time I stop.

I assemble as per the instruction I think. Change a couple of parts as follows the first was the brake cross shaft, I used a piece of 1.2mm nickle silver rather than the plastic. The second was to use .45 wire for the brake saftey loops. The third was to fit brass door bangers rather than those fragile plastis one. I knew I was keeping the half etch boiler band material for something. Forth was the buffers, I do not know if Parkside supply sprung ones now, but with this one they are just cast, so I drill the castings for some heads that were in stock. Just like my EM days.





As the eagled eyed of you would of noticed it only has 3 buffers fitted. One needs a brass tube fitting cos somebody buggered it up.

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