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I am almost ready to varnish, I just need to tart up a little of the black. It then will be given a coat of humbrol satin varnish with a few drops of black in it. This should then bring it all together.


I for some reason numbered it as 753. whish is a comlete waste of time and transfers. At least we now have the correct number. E735. I do not know if it ever lost the E in Southern ownership.


I have a few photos of 735 2 in LSWR and 2 in SR liverys. In each one it is painted differently, which I find so strange for having a fairly short time with the railway.

The LSWR ones show the tank fronts lined and unlined, one with a Drummond boiler and safety valves in the dome, the other with salter safety valves.

The SR ones look lke one cab front sheet is lined and the other not, but again one with Drumond boiler, and stove pipe chimney. The other with stove pipe chimney and salter safety valves.


Here is the latest pics of 735. Almost at the end now. Next projects are being looked at.





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Thanks Rob

I do like the olive green but then I am biased. It does seem to suit all sizes of loco, unlike some colours.

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