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Not been doing much since last post on any of my projects. Had a good session today though.


I have done the basic chassis, the underframe, and body.







The underframe and body were put together but for some reason there was a twist in it that I could not sort out. The body has been in various degrees of rebuilding about 4 times. I think I have it now though.



I have now got the body bolted to a piece of ply, and the underframe in bits to modify so the front and buffer beam will actually touch the body.





There are no etching for the coal space so I knocked something up out of 020" brass. the tender front is very basic and I will need to add the cabinet detals. I will now get the underframe back onto the body and if all is well I will finish the chassis with brakes and compensation pivot bar.


I will have to make up all the steps and ladders in brass as they are cast white metal ones with the kit, and I would like to try and get them to last a while.


I need also to get the loco chassis up together so I can check how I am going to do the pickups and the springing for the pony and bogie.

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