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Peckett E Class - Minion



In the end, we decided Minion was a better name than Munchkin and the loco has emerged from the finishing shop for running in. I daresay it will get grubbier after such exertions.

Happy that it seemes to work ok. The pickups are going to give a bit of grief but I wanted to avoid using top bearing wipers as recommended in the kit. Time will tell if I have to revert to this system.

Saddle tank is full of lead which helps. Nameplates are from Narrow Planet and the works plates something I've had for ages from Golden Arrow. Both fixed with Klear.

I'll give the engine a light waft of weathering when I have time but that will have to wait for now.


Am operating Cirencester at the Farnham show this weekend so may take Minion down for a bit of running in when Dave isn't looking.


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Coo, that's bright. Balance weights? I still think your should go for red wheels... ;)



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Balance weights fitted along with wheel guards. Still black though!

It will get toned down eventually...

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Nice build, are you going to trim-back the slide bars level with the motion bracket? 


I quite fancy one of these from CSP, although I heard these newer kits are to be supplied with EM spacers only?


Paul A. 

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Thanks for the heads up about the slide bars. I'll check the drawing and tweak.

I don't know about the chassis spacers. The test etch I had was just a shot down 7mm so I used scalefour society frame spacers. I know Roger has redrawn the chassis though.

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Very nice Andrew.


I'm sure Dave won't mind, wasn't one of these the yard pilot at Cirencester works.....

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