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    I was into Garden Railways as well for over 30 years, but these days it seems to rain too often!!

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  1. The last 2 I have had were nearly perfect and still are, only action necessary was reduce the pony centre springing pressure to almost zero and remove top bar centre section of cow catchers to allow coupling assembly ( attached to pony truck) to swing freely. Nothing has fallen off valve gear works fine
  2. Try asking Bachmann USA,, Bachmanntrains.com they are usually quite helpful perhaps they will be able to give you details of a UK outlet which may assist.
  3. I am currently selling a LOT of PECO 00 Setrack on behalf of my group, this is recent production and Black sleepered, I have received a question from a guy asking if it is Brown sleepered track or not, I replied I was not aware that Peco actually do or did a range of Brown track. I received a reply saying they do a range of Brown wood look track, I have requested that he sends me the Peco item numbers! Or have I been missing something for several modelling years?
  4. mI used Helsman controllers on my Garden line they were Brilliant, they were only replaced when I went expensively Massoth Digital!
  5. I am looking to buy a couple of Farish 4-CEP EMUs in green not fussy if they have yellow panels or not Digital on board an added bonus!!
  6. Bachmann Baldwin SUPERB Performance, Heljan MW very iffy with the MK1 version, BUT latest versions appear to be fine from my experience ( some small adjustments such as reducing pony truck centreing springs and adjusting the cow catchers to allow free coupling movement help these are my personal experiences) There is a lot on here and NGRM re the MW. Baldwin Fine on 9" radius MW prefers larger say 12" radius. PS I approached 70 a few years back!!
  7. I am looking for a Bachmann 0n30 Whitcomb B0 B0 Diesel loco, Black livery preferred but any colour considered,, sound module fitted would be welcomed also! I am aware of the USA retailers who have these for sale but checking IL s/h availability first
  8. That's new one on me!! And I have been in Digital for 22 years!
  9. As a matter of interest I recently tested a MW on a layout which had a 1 in 30 (approx.) Gradient 90% of which is on an approx. 12" radius curve It hauled 4 Peco coaches and 4 x 4 wheel wagons without any hesitation, so I think your planned 1 in 60 will present no problems.
  10. I think you have posted in the incorrect section, re the slow starts though have you tried, checked the acceleration CV? usually CV 3 , perhaps the value requires reducing ( the range for this CH ranges from 0 to 255, 255 would probably allow time for a cup of tea to be made before the loco moves!, try setting the CV to a low value say 5 then take it from there)
  11. I don't think it will make a lot of difference the 116grams is quite heavy for a small loco, ( The Bachmann Baldwin weighs just under 60 gms as a comparision), It also depends waht rolling stock will be in use, I certainly find that current Peco Plastic wheeled stock does inhibit haulage a bit, they are much improved with metal wheels as long as the metal wheelsets are adjusted to run freely,
  12. Possibly, but given that the market seems heavily stocked with MWs at the present time, a further livery may be some time away.
  13. Something I have noticed re the Early Mark one locos and current production...…. the current ones are around 17% lighter than the Mark ones. The Mk 1 locos weigh 138 gram ( as confimed in Model Rails 'Britain's Model Trains' Annuals) whilst the latest versions weigh around 115 -116gms. This does not make much difference to adhesion though as even the lighter ones have adequate pulling power for most requirements!
  14. Bob ………. Tim at ARCADIA MODELS SHAW Nr OLDHAM (!) UK has just one in stock, I am sure he would post to the USA I know he does send items overseas But you would have to telephone him as although he has a website (arcadiarail.co.uk) he does not have an online ordering provision the UK phone number is 01706882900 Obviously inserting the UK code and omitting the first zero ( I think!) His trading hours are UK TIMES 0930 until 1630 (approx.) Saturday,Monday, Wednesday Thursday & Friday Hope this helps Steve UPDATE www.gaugemaster.com appear to have stock also
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