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    Railways..Model Mainly, Have been a Railway Modeller as long as I can remember, Main interests these days 00 (SR mainly EMUs) N Gauge Blue Period, & USA 0N30,
    I was into Garden Railways as well for over 30 years, but these days it seems to rain too often!!

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  1. TIM has asked me to remind Modellers he is trading Via Telephone Mail Order and phone/click & Collect 01706 882900 Closed Tuesday usually His online listings are usually very accurate, and there are many items available which may be sold out elsewhere, always worth a phone call if you are looking for something not listed (eg PECO TRACK) I have no connection with the shop, just a very satisfied customer over many years I ordered again yesterday Friday at 3-00pm ( a multi product order) and it was delivered Sa
  2. For what it is worth I had an Imperium 21pin decoder going spare and needed to fit a Bachmann 4-CEP EMU with a decoder so thought I would give the Imerium a whirl!! ( Big Mistake) I would add that the 4 CEP was a perfect runner on Analogue and I am very familiar with them as there are others in use.here. Decoder was fitted and the power car was to be tested before re fitting the body, Attempted to start off with a crawl test, got to step 2 of 28, car shot off like a bat out of hell, and achieved
  3. Brian, Surely you have the right to obtain a replacement or refund, personally I would not accept the loco Steve
  4. HAs anyone with a decoder fitted example (ex factory sound version) noticed that the loco speed sometimes increases or decreases without any reason (ie no alterations made on the digital controller) This was also noted on a 'so called' review of the loco which has appeared on You Tube, The reviewer also stated that the loco he was reviewing was his 2nd example as the first was faulty Personally I do not set much store by these reveiws!
  5. Surprising as it may seem I have never actually met Tim or visited his shop but over the past nearly 20 years must have spent a small fortune, especially when I was buying LGB items when I was into Garden Railwaying, one of my sons did pop in to collect some LGB a couple of times when he was in the area, but apart from that it all been through the post. If you are looking for hard to find or 'sold out' items its worth a phone! call Steve
  6. Tim has asked me to confirm that he is still trading via Telephone orders, I can confirm that the service is excellent I have placed a few orders over the last few weeks, His cut off time for same day shipping is around 1-30 pm usually but I ordered an item ( a Digital system) at 3-30pm on Friday it was delivered at 8-00am Saturday. Tim has a lot of items in stock which are hard to find, his website is kept up to date, BUT there are lots of other items in stock not listed, so worth a phone call. Arcadiarai
  7. Oh Well there are plenty of other retailers only too happy to supply Hornby products many at simiilar discounted prices so not a problem really!
  8. If anyone has a Farish N Gauge 4-CEP EMU for sale I would be interested Green Livery with or without Yellow Panels, DCC fitted an added bonus!
  9. When I ordered mine on Thursday they were down to 3 so they must have obtained more, My copy arrived Saturday so quite a good delivery service considering there is no postal service on Good Friday
  10. Personally I only buy the RM when shopping in Tesco, However as currently I am resisting going into any shops at all 9 Days now since I did, there is no way I would consider going in for a magazine! My almost unbroken record perhaps of buying RM since the late 50s when it was around 1/6d should remain unbroken as I have May's copy winging its way to my in the post!! Whoops given my age away now
  11. Snag is its actually getting into the stores Both local Asda & Tesco have had extensive queing times to enter the stores due to restricted numbers being allowed on the premises at any time, currently my local Tesco has a 50 minute wait to get in, and being of a certain age feel it best to stay away!
  12. Does that refer to ARCADIA? if so it is closed but Tim taking Phone mail orders and also not moving!
  13. Try Tim at ARcadia 01706882900 not sure if he stocks MRJ but worth a try perhaps?
  14. I think that Loch Lomond's stock is quickly getting short now
  15. I just spoke to Tim at Arcadiarail on the phone! to ask if he had the May RM, but he advised that he would not be getting any as Peco had decided not to distribute to the model shops as they were closed,, They would be going to the Supermarkets etc and WHS etc. Tim would have posted a copy to me if he had them. I don't feel inclined to go to my local Tesco at the moment and both nearest WHS are also closed so it looks as though I will have to give it a miss I suppose I should take out a subscription,
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