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    Railways..Model Mainly, Have been a Railway Modeller as long as I can remember, Main interests these days 00 (SR mainly EMUs) N Gauge Blue Period, & USA 0N30,
    I was into Garden Railways as well for over 30 years, but these days it seems to rain too often!!

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  1. Oh Well there are plenty of other retailers only too happy to supply Hornby products many at simiilar discounted prices so not a problem really!
  2. If anyone has a Farish N Gauge 4-CEP EMU for sale I would be interested Green Livery with or without Yellow Panels, DCC fitted an added bonus!
  3. When I ordered mine on Thursday they were down to 3 so they must have obtained more, My copy arrived Saturday so quite a good delivery service considering there is no postal service on Good Friday
  4. Personally I only buy the RM when shopping in Tesco, However as currently I am resisting going into any shops at all 9 Days now since I did, there is no way I would consider going in for a magazine! My almost unbroken record perhaps of buying RM since the late 50s when it was around 1/6d should remain unbroken as I have May's copy winging its way to my in the post!! Whoops given my age away now
  5. Snag is its actually getting into the stores Both local Asda & Tesco have had extensive queing times to enter the stores due to restricted numbers being allowed on the premises at any time, currently my local Tesco has a 50 minute wait to get in, and being of a certain age feel it best to stay away!
  6. Does that refer to ARCADIA? if so it is closed but Tim taking Phone mail orders and also not moving!
  7. Try Tim at ARcadia 01706882900 not sure if he stocks MRJ but worth a try perhaps?
  8. I think that Loch Lomond's stock is quickly getting short now
  9. I just spoke to Tim at Arcadiarail on the phone! to ask if he had the May RM, but he advised that he would not be getting any as Peco had decided not to distribute to the model shops as they were closed,, They would be going to the Supermarkets etc and WHS etc. Tim would have posted a copy to me if he had them. I don't feel inclined to go to my local Tesco at the moment and both nearest WHS are also closed so it looks as though I will have to give it a miss I suppose I should take out a subscription,
  10. ARCADIARAIL SHAW, OLDHAM Someone has already posted that Arcadiarail is trading Mail order only, but only Tims email details were mentioned. Tim has asked me to add that it is better for him if customers could telephone him on 01706882900, as this will provide a quicker response. Opening hours are 10-00AM to 4-00PM Monday,Wednesday,Thursday. Friday & Saturday CLOSED Tuesday
  11. Tim at Arcadiarail Shaw has asked me to post on his behalf that he is trading normally at the moment...…… if in the event of traders being instructed to close he will be still available to send mail orders during normal opening hours, In this event please contact by telephone 01706 882900, (Closed Tuesday & Sunday) Also worth noting that all items on his website are in stock, and many other items are in stock which are not listed on the website so its always worth a phone call. I am sending this info as a satisfied custo
  12. Yes I remember the Asian Flu epidemic still went the The Corn Exchange in Manchester for the Annual Manchester Model Railway society Christmas Exhibition, I Also remember the earlier problems we encountered with Polio, Diptheria, Smallpox, and a few other nasty things in the 60s
  13. I have just purchased a Hornby 2 HAL EMU and a Heljan Metropolitan Bo-Bo Electric loco from a well known Lancashire retailer for a Tiny Smidgin over £200 inc postage, I have dealt with Hattons since the early 70s but sadly these days my purchases are relatively small and a lot less frequent. The inability to purchase Bachmann 00 & 009 items from Hattons, has not helped either
  14. Totally off topic in our area there have been many instances of Children suffering from productivel Coughing episodes slightly raised temperature lack of appetite etc but recovery in around 7 days, It is a typical Childhood infection passed on at school and in the case of our youngest Grandchild at the local Playgroup..
  15. Its ngrm-online.com (hopefully from memory)! Steve
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